These are the best free workout channels on YouTube right now

Staying fit and maintaining an excellent state of physical health is beyond important to most people. Exercise not only helps improve your outward appearance, but it also positively impacts your mental health. The human body constantly releases endorphins during exercise, and endorphins are so awesome for the brain! Hitting the gym isn’t always the best option for a workout, though, since gyms are occasionally known to be quite crowded. Many people are focused on fitness these days, but since not everyone wants to work out in a public environment, we suggest subscribing to these awesome free workout YouTube channels.

Stephanie Buttermore

Not only does Stephanie Buttermore have a passion for fitness, but she also has a doctoral degree in pathology and cell biology. She’s very enthusiastic about what she brings to the table, which is why so many people on YouTube are obsessed with her channel. She takes what she does very seriously and gives her viewers helpful information about the harmful diet culture of the fitness industry. Crash diets and fad diets are common for people who are trying to drop weight quickly. Instead of promoting those diets, she dives in deep about why it’s best to go on a fitness journey that centers around a nonrestrictive, healthy lifestyle.

Bradley Martyn

Weightlifting tutorials are the main focus on Bradley Martyn’s YouTube page. He is highly informed on fitness and has more than 2.98 million subscribers and an official checkmark to prove his validity. According to the “about me” section on his channel, he posts up to three videos a week to keep his fans updated. In addition, he adds new content every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning. Occasionally, he live-streams so his subscribers can follow along with his workout routines. Please note: You’ll likely need access to a gym if you’re seeking help from Martyn’s videos.

Krissy Cela 

Anyone on a mission to gain confidence and build muscle might be interested in Krissy Cela’s YouTube videos. Whether you’re more comfortable doing bodyweight workouts or intense weight training sessions, she has something for pretty much everyone. There’s something very uniquely fun about her personality and the gentle honesty she provides as background commentary in her workout videos. Cela’s videos make achieving weight loss goals feel possible.

Whitney Simmons

For many people working out at home, lifting heavier weights than ever before is the ultimate goal. Being able to use your own body weight to exercise is also an interesting option when pursuing a weight loss journey. Whitney Simmons teaches her YouTube followers how to accomplish their goals both ways. Her popular YouTube channel currently has more than 2 million subscribers, and her relatable personality has gotten her super far with her followers in recent years.

Omar Isuf

The videos posted to Omar Isuf’s fitness YouTube channel will undoubtedly make you laugh while you’re in the middle of your workout! Isuf is hilarious when it comes to his commentary while sharing the best physical training tips out there with his followers. He gears his videos towards YouTube subscribers who have gym equipment at home, including benches and barbell racks. So if you don’t already have a lot of the necessary equipment at home, his videos might not be too helpful. However, his infectious sense of humor definitely makes it worth checking out his channel.

Natacha Océane 

For fitness lovers seeking noticeable results in a timely manner, the videos posted to Natacha Océane’s YouTube channel might be your best bet. She takes a scientific approach with the fitness community, touching on full-body workouts, strength training, and the science behind maintaining long-lasting results. Unfortunately for many, losing weight isn’t a permanent achievement. Too many folks end up gaining the weight they lost back within a year! Fortunately, she also covers how to avoid that issue.

Annabelle Hayes

It’s easy to take someone like Annabelle Hayes seriously with her fitness-centered YouTube channel because she’s a certified personal trainer. The certification proves she is knowledgeable about her craft. Her YouTube videos provide viewers with safe and effective workouts that tend to be more intense. People looking to build up their strength, increase their endurance, and develop stronger muscles will appreciate the content she posts. You’ll need minimal equipment to follow along with Haye’s videos.

Kayla Itsines 

Cardio is the name of the game for Kayla Itsines. She offers a wide range of videos, so people can easily follow along without feeling overwhelmed. One of her most recent videos is called “Work your core in just 10 minutes with this ab workout.” She has another video titled “5-minute express abs workout – follow along with Kayla Itsines.” Carving 5 to 10 minutes out of your day to work out doesn’t feel like too much. Her short-form content makes it so easy for her to maintain a dedicated following.

Pamela Reif

While most other fitness influencers on YouTube like to chime in with their opinions throughout their videos, Pamela Reif isn’t necessarily like that. She skips out on the talkative fluff to hone in on the flexibility and strength workouts at hand. The workouts she showcases require minimal equipment and help people burn calories quickly. The majority of her YouTube videos are about 10 minutes long, and she even helps her followers figure out ideal workout schedules to yield the best results. 

Jeff Nippard

Sometimes the best people you can trust when it comes to getting advice about exercise are those who’ve studied biochemistry on an academic level. Jeff Nippard earned his bachelor’s degree in biochemistry as a college student! These days, he’s a bodybuilder and an internationally qualified powerlifter. He’s definitely got some muscle to prove he knows what he’s talking about. Plus, he drops scientific knowledge and facts in a lot of his videos.