What Is Technoblade’s Net Worth?

What is Technoblade's net worth?
Photo via Technoblade/YouTube

Gaming streams have become a legitimate form of entertainment over the last several years. eSports, which began as a distinctly niche form of competition, have grown into a massive, organized sport. The first recorded eSports event happened all the way back in 1972, but it looked nothing like the massive competitions held today. These days, eSport tournaments draw hundreds of participants and tens of thousands of fans, creating genuine competition for more widely-recognized sports like football and soccer.

As the world of gaming continues to expand, it draws in more and more competitors. Streaming games has been popular for years⏤South Park even parodied the trend in a 2014 episode⏤but more recently, what was once a hobby has turned into a lucrative career for many of the world’s top streamers. Many of the most-followed eSports or gaming-centric streaming names migrate toward Twitch, a live streaming service with an emphasis on video game streaming. A few popular streamers have expanded their work to multiple platforms, however, allowing views on YouTube and other social media sites to bolster their Twitch fanbases. 

Among YouTube’s more popular gaming streamers is Technoblade, an American YouTuber with a focus on Minecraft content. His Twitch page has collected 755,000 followers, a number that pales in comparison to the streamer’s robust YouTube following.

On YouTube, Technoblade boasts upwards of 9 million subscribers. Considering the lack of diversity on his page—Technoblade’s account features almost exclusively Minecraft content—this follower count is particularly impressive. The popular creator also often avoids showing his face, a decision that separates him from the vast majority of streamers. Regardless of its slightly off-center approach, this formula is clearly working for Technoblade.

On YouTube alone, Technoblade’s videos have earned a collective view count of more than 1 billion since 2013, when the channel launched. Each month, his content typically reaches more than 31 million people, which pays off in a big way in ad revenue. The streamer pulls in approximately $124,000 monthly, according to estimations from Net Worth Spot. Annually, this would yield him around $1.86 million. A higher estimation puts Technoblade’s yearly earnings closer to $3.35 million through his monetized YouTube channel.

These estimations only include YouTube earnings. That means that revenue from Twitch, sponsors, and partnerships are not included. Even without these additional money-making ventures, however, Technoblade still has an estimated net worth of around $7.44 million. On the higher end, he could actually be worth more than $10 million.