10 anime to watch after finishing season 2 of ‘Vinland Saga’

Image via Netflix

Among the exceptional anime produced in 2019, the second season of Vinland Saga has shown over and over again how brilliant it is. The historical epic anime became a huge favorite with its first season, offering viewers a heart-gripping story, amazing visuals, and phenomenal character development. 

One of the best seinen anime around, Vinland Saga has captured the hearts and minds of anime fans worldwide with its perfect blend of action, drama, and its modern and sleek animation style. Fans have also noted how the anime has been very faithful to the beloved manga. If you, like many others, have unfortunately finished the show and are on the lookout for something just as good—fret not. 

Here are 10 anime that will give you a similar rush once you’re done watching Vinland Saga season 2. 


Berserk is one of the older entries on the list, but it will nonetheless quench your thirst for swords and gore. It is a dark anime that leans into fantasy and explores themes such as war, betrayal, and a quest for power. We follow the story of Guts, a lonely mercenary on a long and arduous quest for revenge. He seeks power and strength to defeat the one who betrayed him and ultimately caused the death of his comrades. The characters enjoy complex development, and the show maintains a good balance till the end. 

Sword Art Online

Getting transported into a video game world with unique abilities and powers is a fantasy that nearly every young boy has. Sword Art Online tells the tale of Kirito, who somehow becomes trapped in a virtual reality game. While the anime could be said to warn about the consequences of technological advancements, it still manages to keep the atmosphere light, while exploring themes such as friendship, love, and comradeship.

Record of Ragnarok

Every thousand years, the gods from all cultures and walks of life assemble in Valhalla. The all-powerful Zeus always oversees this meeting of the gods, and amidst various kinds of drama, the fate of mankind is debated. During one fateful meeting, an almost unanimous decision to wipe mankind off the face of the earth is reached. A tournament between gods and men is proposed, and a battle between creators and their creation ensues. Record of Ragnarok is filled with heartwarming scenes while packing just enough action to keep your heartbeat irregular.

One Piece

Any viewers who have been watching anime for a moderate amount of time are familiar with the phrase “The Big Three.” They are arguably the three biggest and best shounen anime ever made — and One Piece is among them. It is a show that has been running for longer than many young anime watchers have been alive, but still boasts a massive fan base and a thrilling storyline. The series follows the journey of the lovable Monkey D Luffy, a tenacious young pirate with one goal—to find the legendary One Piece and become the Pirate King. 

FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Lovers of Vinland Saga will almost definitely find this entry just as interesting. The series follows two young brothers who do something so drastic that it’s a miracle they don’t lose both their lives in the process — trying to use alchemy to bring their dead mother back to life. This decision brings them unimaginable pain and sorrow, and changes the course of their lives forever as they journey to retain what’s left of their physical humanity. 

Death Note

This critically acclaimed anime might not be a strong enough contender for a spot among the Big Three; however, it has definitely earned its place among the best anime of all time. One of the best mystery thriller anime ever, it centers around a brilliant high school kid named Light Yagami. Light is a young genius going about regular school duties when he suddenly stumbles on a supernatural notebook that allows him to kill whoever’s name is written within. The show eventually becomes a game of cat and mouse between him and an equally brilliant detective trying to catch him, the socially awkward L.

Attack on Titan

Blood, gore, and glory. These three words sum up the primary ingredients that make up this masterpiece and make it so enjoyable. Attack on Titan is a must-watch series for all anime lovers, and if you liked Vinland Saga, this is even more true. It follows an elite team of soldiers and their battle against giant deformed humanoid creatures known as Titans. Their quest to battle and know more about these creatures leads to unfathomable discoveries that shake their convictions and put their life beliefs into question. But while Attack on Titan offers crisp action sequences, it also packs a heavy punch, and is one of the most emotional anime of all time. 

Demon Slayer

Imagine Tarzan if he was raised by boars, a scaredy-cat who falls asleep suddenly, and a boy who carries his half-demon sister everywhere in a wooden box. These three boys become the unlikeliest of friends after a series of unfortunate events bring them together. The main character is Tanjiro Kamado, a kind boy whose life is turned upside down one day after coming home to discover his entire family murdered by demons. We follow Tanjiro as he becomes a demon slayer to uncover the truth behind that day’s events and avenge his slain family.

My Hero Academia

In a world where superpowers are as common as oxygen, Izuku Midoriya is born without one. Izuku grows up idolizing the number one hero in the country, All Might, hoping to be like him someday. However, as he was born without a “quirk,” this is a rather fruitless endeavor. A series of events lead to Izuku gaining a spot at a school for heroes, and we follow along as he trains to become worthy and capable of handling the responsibilities placed before him, and someday becoming the number one hero. 


This classic is one that set many anime lovers on the path to becoming fans and followers of the Japanese genre. Its influence on older and newer anime shows and movies is evident and remains a testament to how good a series this entry is. It tells the tale of a young ninja called Naruto as he trains to become the head of his village, popularly called ‘The Hokage.’ His goal is already set back since his birth as both his parents die sealing a powerful demonic 9-tailed fox into him — a decision which makes him a hated kid in the village. Naruto explores friendship, loyalty, courage, and the power of a tenacious will. This show is a must-watch after seeing Vinland Saga