The 10 best ‘Akame ga Kill’ characters, ranked

Akame ga Kill characters
Image via Square Enix/Crunchyroll

Akame ga Kill is kill or be killed in this no-holds-bar anime about a group of assassins called the Night Raid who recruit Tatsumi, a young man who just wants to make money to help his struggling village. The highly skilled group includes fighters with all different types of skills.

If you like stories where you watch characters learn and grow, then this anime is not for you. If you like stories that will have you on the edge of your seat with nail-biting action and an ‘anything goes’ mindset, you may have found your show. Just be warned — nobody is safe.

Without giving away any spoilers, these are the top 10 best Akame ga Kill characters, ranked from least to most likeable.

10. Prime Minister Honest

Prime Minister Honest
Image via Crunchyroll

Prime Minister Honest is the worst human in existence in the world of Akame ga Kill. Terrifyingly cool, calm and seemingly kind on the surface, he embodies the worst kind of psychopath — the one staring you right in the face. He mentally and physically abuses his people without remorse. He is also a cannibal who eats people, especially attractive women.

9. Sheele

Sheele from Akame ga Kill
Image via Crunchyroll

Sheele is a very clumsy, somewhat air-headed member of the Night Raid who grew up in the low districts. She uses her talent for killing to help fix the corrupt society.

She wields the Teigu Extase, a pair of scissors with the ability to cut through any material.

8. Seryu

Seryu from Akame ga Kill
Image via Crunchyroll

Don’t let her pretty face fool you. This girls is as ruthless as they come and doesn’t mind killing anyone and everyone who opposes the Empire.

7. Mine

Mine from Akame ga Kill
Image via Crunchyroll

Mine is a skilled sniper who you don’t want to mess with. She angers easily and has an extremely aggressive personality. Her ultimate goal is to end racial discrimination.  

6. Tatsumi

Tatsumi from Akame ga Kill
Image via Crunchyroll

As the main protagonist of the anime, Tatsumi is highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat, as well as sword fighting. His Teigu is a dragon, which is slowly causing him to turn into the mythical creature.

5. Leone

Leone from Akame ga Kill
Image via Crunchyroll

Leone is carefree, tough and fierce. She has a strong sense of moral justice and will do anything to protect innocent people. She considers herself like a big sister to Tatsumi.

4. Bols

Bols from Akame ga Kill
Image via Crunchyroll

He may be one of the baddies, but he has a moral conscious. Despite his outward appearance as a homicidal maniac, Bols is sweet and bashful. He has a great love for his wife and daughter.

3. Akame

Akame from Akame ga Kill
Image via Crunchyroll

After her parents sold her to the Empire as a child, Akame was trained to be an assassin. Although people assume she’s cold and ruthless, she is really just socially awkward due to her unusual upbringing. She cares deeply for people and those she fights alongside.

2. Kurome

Kurome from Akame ga Kill
Image via Crunchyroll

Akame’s little sister was also trained as an assassin, but assigned to a different group than her sister. Kurome is a lot like Akame, but also feels like she has to try harder than everyone else or she will be eliminated.

1. Chelsea

Chelsea from Akame ga Kill
Image via Crunchyroll

This lollipop-loving assassin is a huge fan-favorite. She has the ability to shape-shift thanks to the Gaea Foundation Teigu she possesses. She is cold and calculating when she needs to be, but also kind and caring.