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Does Tanjiro become a demon in ‘Demon Slayer’?

To find out we must look to the manga.

Tanjiro from Demon Slayer
Image via Crunchyroll

Demon Slayer fans have seen plenty of demons and skilled slayers during the series’ anime and manga run, but most of the time the lines between these two categories of character have been separate. Some characters (like Genya) blur the lines, but what would happen if someone as powerful as Tanjiro became a demon?

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In the first episode, we see how easily a human can become a demon when Tanjiro’s sister Netsuko survives Muzan’s attack only to turn into a demon herself. In Demon Slayer, demons are created much like vampires traditionally are; Muzan, the first demon, gives a human his blood and, if they survive, the human undergoes a painful transformation into a bloodthirsty demon themselves. Given the many encounters that the show’s protagonist Tanjiro has with demons, it begs the question, will even Tanjiro become one?

To answer this question we have to look to the series’ finished manga rather than the anime adaptation which is still airing. Here’s everything you need to know. Spoiler alert!

Does Tanjiro become a demon?

Image via Viz Media

Yes, Tanjiro does eventually become a demon, however, this hasn’t yet taken place in the anime and only takes place in the final arc of the manga.

In Demon Slayer chapter 201, Tanjiro is transformed into a demon after a long battle with the Demon King Muzan. After he and the Hashira take on Muzan, Tanjiro is severely injured and would ultimately die if not for intervention of some sort.

As Muzan is also dying, he takes advantage of the situation and uses the last of his powers to turn Tanjiro into a demon — a plan that the demon king had always been working to achieve. Tanjiro was primed to become the most powerful demon of all time, even more powerful than Muzan. Thanks to his family’s special blood, both Netsuko and Tanjiro need not fear the sun like other demons.

In doing this, Tanjiro has become the demon king and an enemy of the Demon Slayer Corps. Muzan had perished but hoped his will would live on through demon-Tanjiro and end humanity. Fortunately, Tanjiro’s tenure as demon king is short-lived as he ingests medicine crafted with Wisteria Flowers that ultimately reverts him back into his human self.