How Long Would it Take to Watch all of One Piece?

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In July 1997 Shonen Jump published a manga that took the world by storm, becoming the most popular manga and anime for so many years in a row it’s ridiculous. From its first chapter people have been enthralled in the adventures of Monkey D Luffy and his pirate crew on their grand quest to find the ‘One Piece‘. Now there are over 1000 chapters of the manga, alongside movies, merch, anime and so much more. 

With the 1000th episode of ‘One Piece’ releasing there is a big question on a lot of people’s minds, how much time does it take to watch it all? 

One Piece

It would take 23,000 minutes, 959 hours or 16 days to watch the anime start to finish without skipping any episodes or any breaks. Then if you wanted to watch the movies you would add another 1210 minutes of animated goodness. That adds two more days of viewing although some of those movies are Japan-only theme park specials meaning it might take a little less if you don’t count those. 

Fans of the series have different opinions about the proper way to get through One Piece with lists of episodes to skip. Commonly fans of the series recommend skipping filler episodes which can be hard to figure out on your own but are readily available all over all sorts of websites if the task of watching ‘One Piece’ seems daunting. There is no wrong way to enjoy ‘One Piece‘ so find whatever works for you and chip away at it if that’s what you’re looking for.