How many Devil Fruits are there in ‘One Piece’?

One Piece

Devil Fruits are some of the most powerful items in the One Piece franchise, with a variety of different skills accessible only after consuming these fruits.

If you’ve been watching the series, reading the manga, or playing any of One Piece’s associated games, you’ve definitely stumbled upon some of these mysterious fruits and seen how powerful they can be.

While there are drawbacks to consuming a Devil Fruit, there is also plenty to gain. With so many seen in the show, you may be wondering exactly how many Devil Fruits exist in the One Piece world. While we can’t get an exact answer, the community has compiled quite a number themselves.

How many Devil Fruits are there in One Piece?

One Piece

According to the One Piece Fandom, there are about 191 total Devil Fruits in the franchise, but only 139 of these have been shown in canon material.

These fruits can be split into three categories: Paramecia, Logia, and Zoan. Paramecia is the most common type of the three and includes different fruits that grant superhuman powers, such as Luffy’s Gum-Gum Fruit.

Logia Fruits boast powers to allow their user to control different elements such as Fire, Smoke, and Shadows. These are widely regarded as the most powerful class of Devil Fruit.

Finally, Zoan Fruits grant their user the ability to transform into different animals or hybrid forms of species they already belong to. There are plenty of different variants of this seen within the show and in other non-canonical mediums such as video games.

While the number that the Fandom has arrived at might be the most accurate to date, it will most definitely continue to grow as One Piece continues releasing new manga volumes and anime material.