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What is ‘Kagurabachi?’ The latest addition to Shonen Jump, explained

Most importantly, why is it the talk of the town?

Chihiro from Takeru Hokazono's Kagurabachi manga.
Image via Shueisha/Shonen Jump

If you hang around manga and anime online spaces, you likely heard about Kagurabachi before its official release. I certainly did. As soon as Shonen Jump announced the newest addition to its lineup of weekly manga, the clowning started.

Suddenly, everyone was talking about it. Endless posts could be found online, as folks mocked the series’ announcement by posting images of its protagonist accompanied by text describing the plot of just about any other Shonen series one could think of. From Bleach and Naruto to Demon Slayer and Jujutsu Kaisen, the comparisons were rampant, with people sprinting to jump on the hate train before it left the station.

It’s fair to say that most Shonen series follow a certain pattern, otherwise known as “the Shonen formula,” yes. But to hate on something before a single chapter has been released seems… narrow-minded, at least. The Shonen formula has been proven to work more than enough times for us to take its potential seriously, even though there’s nothing wrong with desiring some variety.

All that said, when the only information one can find on social media about Kagurabachi are memes, some folks are bound to be left in the dark regarding the series’ actual premise.

What is Kagurabachi about?

Created by Takeru Hokazono, Kagurabachi focuses on themes of vengeance, with a healthy dose of action in the mix. Judging by its first chapter, “Mission,” combat will also likely be a central element of the story. But don’t take it from me, there are sources more qualified to give you a taste of what this manga will entail.

Per MANGA Plus by SHUEISHA, Kagurabachi‘s summary is as follows: “Young Chihiro spends his days training under his famous swordsmith father. One day he hopes to become a great sword-maker himself. The goofy father and the serious son — they thought these days would last forever. But suddenly, tragedy strikes. A dark day soaked in blood. Chihiro and his blade now live only for revenge. Epic sword battle action!”

To say more would probably mean giving away spoilers for the series, and nobody wants that. Thus, this is about all the information we have regarding Kagurabachi‘s plot. It’s also way too soon to have a proper grasp on the series, as it’s only just made its debut on Shonen Jump and Viz Media. On the upside, this means that readers are free to dive into the manga right this second and judge for themselves whether or not the series is worth it.

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