Mikasa’s rampage scene on ‘Attack on Titan’ is even more terrifying in English dub

Image via MAPPA / Attack on Titan

If you thought Mikasa’s onslaught in the final season of Attack on Titan was utterly badass and lowkey terrifying to behold, just wait until you see the dubbed version of episode 86.

Crunchyroll has released a sneak peek into this Sunday’s outing, “Retrospective,” which reveals how voice actor Trina Nishimura managed to make Mikasa carving her way through several Yeagerists and blowing two of them up using a thunder spear even more gruesome in the English dub.

Our protagonists have sure been through hell and back in their arduous journey from soldier cadets to Titan-killing machines. Through all of these difficult trials, the Survey Corps pushed ahead by leaning into comradery and trust, but the final season tosses that aside and turns these characters on one another as the story reaches its ultimate climax.

The result is a traumatic battle that’s always difficult to watch, especially when you look back on earlier seasons when the Scouting Regiment “dedicated their hearts” to humanity and sacrificed it all, side by side, to learn the truth about their cruel world.

One of these moments in the fight against Yeagerists is when Mikasa Ackerman goes beserk and slaughters her old brothers-and-sisters-in-arms in the most creatively brutal way imaginable.

While watching that sequence with the original Japanese audio already gave us a few moments of pause, it looks as though the upcoming English dub will make the rampage even more terrifying as Mikasa roars through her victims with Nishimura’s iconic battle cry.