‘My Hero Academia’ season 6 release date delights fans — but is it official yet?

Fans of My Hero Academia are feeling plus ultra with news that the anime’s sixth season will likely release in the Fall 2022 season — even though the news isn’t quite official yet.

The Twitter account Shonen Jump News – Unofficial first shared the supposed release date. While the announcement comes from an unofficial source (as the name states), many have run with the news and sent the series trending on Twitter despite the lack of any sourcing in the original tweet.

It’s not the first time this sort of unofficial announcement has been taken as confirmation in the lead-up to Shueisha’s Jump Festa expo this weekend. We Got This Covered has reached out to both BONES and to Funimation, which streams the series in the U.S., seeking confirmation of the Fall 2022 launch of season 6.

Season five of My Hero Academia was disliked by fans’ rushed plot and less impressive visuals, so fans are hoping the year between the conclusion of season five and start of season six will give the team at studio BONES time to plan out a strong end to the anime — as it inches ever closer to its source materials conclusion.

Many blame the season’s faults on BONES committing to animating an original spin-off film alongside the season. While My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission performed very well in the box office and the films’ cast was celebrated for their performances, it’s widely regarded as an inconsequential — and perhaps unnecessary — addition to the anime adaptation.

My Hero Academia’s sixth season was (unsurprisingly) announced to be in production after the final episode of season five aired in Japan in September. A teaser image featuring Deku and Tomura as they prepare to square off during the show’s Paranormal Liberation War Arc, the manga’s penultimate arc.

We’ll surely hear more official news about My Hero Academia’s manga and anime this weekend at Jump Festa. 

Shueisha’s annual manga and anime expo begins Dec. 18, with announcements expected from across the Jump anthology publisher’s bibliography of popular manga series, including My Hero Academia, Chainsaw Man, One Piece, and Bleach.

Update Dec. 16 3:55 CST:

Funimation got back to WGTC with the following response:

“Thanks for reaching out. We don’t have anything to add or further information to share but appreciate the opportunity!  Love working with you all,”