Ranking the 10 strongest Sternritter from ‘Bleach’

Bleach - Lille Barro
Image via YouTube / Spiteful Hopes

In the famous anime Bleach exist several factions of highly skilled warriors who take on the Shinigami. By far the most fascinating group is the Quincy, and the Sternritter is a group of the most powerful Quincy of the Wandereich.

Charged with purging the Shinigami, they are given their powers by the almighty Yhwach and prove to be the most formidable foes for protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki to battle. 

Yes, they’re incredibly strong, but who ranks above all the rest as the strongest? Here’s a ranking of the 10 most powerful Sternritter in Bleach

10. Sternritter V: Gremmy  Thoumeaux

The Visionary Gremmy Thoumeaux has a very childlike appearance. The body we’re first shown is nothing but a manifestation of his imaginative ability, because his real body is just a dismembered brain. He takes pride in his abilities, and anything he imagines comes to existence. He was able to create Guenael Lee, a full person, and has a decent fight during his battle with Kenpachi Zaraki. He believes in his power, and with good reason, but he is also extremely arrogant, not only declaring himself the strongest Sternritter, but also claiming he will defeat Kenpachi without raising a finger.

9. Sternritter H: Bazzard Black

Bazzard Black, aka Bazz-B is a Sternritter with the ability to manipulate fire. He battled Toshirou Hitsugaya and took away his ice bankai, even though he has the ultimate counter for ice, which is fire, as his primary ability. He keeps his red Mohawk with two metal nuts in his upper left ear and a bolt through his lower right ear. He is very harsh and hard-headed, but Bazz-B is extremely loyal to Ywatch and holds fellow Sternritter Jugem Haschwalth in high regard. He is also very pompous, claiming he will be able to defeat Hitsugaya with only a finger, even if he had his bankai. He is merciless, but has shown compassion for his comrades on occasion.

8. Sternritter J: Quilge Opie

The Jail Quilge Opie is the hunting captain of the Jagdarme of the Wandenreich. He was sent to Hueco Mundo during the second invasion of the Soul Society by the Quincy. He is a strong authoritarian figure and he has very little regard for any one other than the Quincy. He is heavily critical of his subordinates, and acts in a barbaric manner, but is also very calculating and decisive and shows no mercy to others, as seen by his actions against Aizen’s Espada. His ability allows him to create a Reishi sword and a Reishi jail, both of which are said to be unbreakable, along with the absorption of all surrounding Reishi. His prison was able to hold Ichigo as the Soul Society and the captains were decimated.

7. Sternritter Y: Royd Lloyd and Loyd Lloyd

Royd and Loyd are twins with the ability of pure mimicry. Royd was able to copy Ywatch and hold off Genryuusai Yamamoto himself knowing the grave risk that came with doing so. He is extremely loyal to his majesty, Ywatch. Loyd is tall and is the elder of the twins. He is a stoic individual and does not get involved with conversation with the enemy. He can replicate like his brother but only uses his abilities to the limits of his spirit energy, although like all Quincy, he can absorb energy from the surrounding area.

6. Sternritter C: Pernida Parnkgjas

The Compulsory Pernida is the left hand of the Soul King and a member of the Schutzstaffel. The hand is incredibly tall and towered over both Yumichika and Ikkaku during their confrontation. Mainly silent, Pernida doesn’t show any personality, but other Schutzstaffel can understand it. Later on, it evolved and began using full speech. Pernida has the ability of Evolution Governance, using it as organic absorption, adaptive replication, anatomy manipulation, self replication, and regeneration. 

5. Sternritter D: Askin Nakk Le Vaar

The Deathdealing Askin is a Quincy that was also at Hueco Mundo during the invasion of the Quincy at Hueco Mundo. Also a member of the Schutzstaffel, he is very unpredictable and is extremely sarcastic, eccentric, and pompous. He has respect for Kisuke Urahara and his intellect, but usually only has respect for women with nice bodies. 

4. Sternritter A: Uryuu Ishida

Uryuu Ishida is already a well-known character in the series as he is the Crown Prince of the Wandenreich. He is normally quiet and solitary, and is very calm and intellectual. Like most Quincy, he has mastery of the bow and absorption of the atmosphere. He eventually gets blessed with the ability of Antithesis (the power to swap events that have occurred between two targets), and the ability of Auswählen (absorption of energy from Quincy who are deemed needless and transferring said energy to Quincy who needs it). Uryuu is one of very few Quincy who have the ability.

3. Sternritter B: Jugram Haschwalth

The Balance Jugram Haschwalth is a Quincy with the highest rank so far. He is the Sternritter Grandmaster, acting as Ywatch’s advisor and acting Emperor when Ywatch is asleep. He is extremely devoted to Ywatch, and is extremely powerful and confident in his power, with him declaring war on Captain-Commander Shunsui Kyoraku. He uses a range of weapons, including a broadsword, and the conversional Quincy Bow and Arrow, along with the ability to absorb powers from other Quincy, an ability only Ywatch has. 

2. Sternritter X: Lille Barro

The X-Axis Lille Barro is the leader of the Schutzstaffel of the Wandenreich. He is dark-skinned and believes those that lose didn’t act fast enough. He has great belief in his and Ywatch’s ability, but he easily gets unnerved by things he doesn’t understand. He is the first Quincy Ywatch granted a Schrift, and in turn, he sees himself as Ywatch’s masterpiece, the meeting closest to God. Lille has the regular Quincy techniques as well as being an expert marksman, but also has the power of The X-Axis, which allows him to use his rifle and pierce any object in his sight. The X-Axis also allows any and all enemy attacks to phase through his body, resulting in his body emerging unscathed whenever he is attacked. He keeps his left eye closed, for he believes it is unfair to his opponents, but if opened three times in the fight, he is permitted to keep it open throughout.

1. Sternritter M: Gerard Valkyrie

The Miracle Gerard Valkyrie is the heart of the Soul King and one of Ywatch’s Schutzstaffel. No fight with him is a fair fight, for he is gifted the most overpowering ability in the series. Gerard is tall and muscular in size and is very aggressive in his fighting. He is convinced no one has a chance against him, including Senjumaru Shutara of The Zero Division. When confronted by several lieutenants and captains, he demanded they all come at him at once because it will not be fair one-on-one. Gerard has the regular Quincy techniques, although his weapon of choice is a shield. He has always had the ability of The Miracle and was not granted it by Ywatch. It is described by Gerard as the power to manifest “miracles” by giving form to thoughts, feelings and desires of his.