What are the different types of Exorcists in ‘Blue Exorcist?’

Rin Okumura from Blue Exorcist.
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Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Blue Exorcist.

In the world of Blue Exorcist, Exorcism is a complex field for an aspiring Exorcist to enter. Just like any other subject, such as math, science, history, or language, it has divergent branches and career paths, with various intricacies embedded into the broad whole of the discipline.

Ultimately, this is what True Cross Academy, Blue Exorcist‘s Exorcism school, is for. The institution’s goal is to help its Exorcists-in-training figure out which branch of Exorcism will be their forte based on their skills and personality. In Blue Exorcist, there are five types of Exorcism specializations. A student can master as many of these as they’re willing or able to, winning the title of Meister to prove their mastery of each.

For further clarity, in Blue Exorcist, a Meister is a means of classifying an Exorcist’s main fighting style in the battle against demons, with many boasting more than one, and some even holding all five. A trainee must achieve at least one Meister to become an Exorcist.

What are the five Meisters in Blue Exorcist?

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Knight – This Meister engages in combat using weapons like swords or staffs. Some Knights even utilize rare, enchanted demon blades with special powers, or unleash strong, long-range magic attacks through their defensive device. Blue Exorcist‘s main protagonist, Rin Okumura, aspires to become a Knight.

Dragoon – This Meister enters the fray with firearms like pistols, machine guns, grenades, and bazookas. Special weapons or ammunition can also be used against specific demons. Blue Exorcist‘s secondary protagonist, Yukio Okumura, boasts Dragoon as his primary Meister.

Tamer – This Meister relies upon the aid of demonic familiars that can be summoned via a summoning circle and a blood contract in battle. Not just anyone can achieve this Meister, since the Exorcist must have a natural talent for it. A strong will is needed to control a familiar, who will turn on a weak-minded Exorcist fast. The circle must also remain intact, or the demon will vanish. Sometimes the demon in question is contracted to a bloodline rather than an individual and is therefore “passed down” to a new family member every generation. In this case, the Tamer can summon the demon in the absence of a summoning circle and doesn’t need to have natural talent to utilize this heirloom ability. Rin’s good friend and love interest, tritagonist female lead Shiemi Moriyama, is training to become a Tamer in Blue Exorcist, along with her friend Izumo Kamiki, a side character.

Aria – This Meister keeps evil in its place by reciting verses from sacred texts. What’s known as Fatal Verses can exorcise specific demons. Unfortunately, being an Aria is rather dangerous, because these verses take time to recite and demons view these Exorcists as their worst enemies. Arias can also cast certain spells, including one that creates a barrier. In Blue Exorcist, best friends and side characters Suguro Ryuji (who is also working on a Meister in Dragoon and Tamer) and Konekomaru Miwa are training to become Arias.

Doctor – This Meister weaponizes herbs and potions that will poison demons. A Doctor can also heal injuries (such as wounds or sicknesses) caused by demons. Most of these Exorcists know how to treat ordinary injuries as well. Yukio holds a second Meister in Doctor, a feat that Shiemi is training to achieve.

After reading the list above, which type of Exorcist would you prefer to be?