What happened to Ymir in ‘Attack on Titan’?

Attack on Titan season 4 art
Screengrab via MAPPA

There are plenty of mysterious characters in Attack on Titan that don’t come up much but have huge significance to the show’s plot. One character that fits that description is Ymir Fritz. We don’t hear a whole lot about Ymir Fritz until later in the series, but her actions dictate almost all the events that take place during its run.

Ymir Fritz is the mother of all Titans and was the very first Titan in history. However, the events leading up to her gaining this power were much different from the way we commonly see people gain Titan powers.

This character wasn’t the only one to don the Ymir name, though, as a young Eldian girl also was given this name before becoming the Jaw Titan herself.

If you’ve not read the Attack on Titan manga to its conclusion, you may want to do so before reading on, as in the later portions we find out a ton about both Ymir Fritz’s past. However, if you’re fine with some spoilers then here’s everything you need to know.

What happened to Ymir Fritz in Attack on Titan?

Ultimately, Ymir Fritz died protecting King Fritz from an assassination attempt. However, her death wasn’t so simple, as she wound up wondering a barren land for eternity until Eren Jaeger arrived and freed her.

Ymir’s story began when she was a young girl, after the Eldians invaded her home village murdering her parents. After this, Ymir let out the pigs from a pen and was condemned by King Fritz for her actions.

Running away, Ymir took refuge inside a huge tree that had an opening at its base. However, she was unknowingly stumbling into a sinkhole and wound up falling into a pool of strange liquid. While underwater, a weird bug-like creature fused with Ymir forming the very first Titan.

Ymir would then continue on to work as a soldier under King Fritz, even having three children with him. Upon her death, her three children were then forced to eat her corpse so that they could preserve her Titan powers.

What happened to the other Ymir in ‘Attack on Titan’?

Ymir is also the name of the Jaw Titan who was a member of the 104th Training Corps alongside Eren Jaeger and the main cast of the show.

Ultimately, Ymir was brought back to Marley from Paradis Island. Later, she allowed the brother of Marcel Galliard, the individual who she ate to absorb the Jaw Titan power, to feast upon her and gain the power for himself.

Ymir had a tragic past, as she was mistreated for being an Eldian descendant named after the great Ymir Fritz and was beaten in the streets before being exiled to Paradis Island. As a Titan on Paradis Island, it wasn’t until she stumbled upon Marcel Galliard and ate him that she gained back her humanity, which she then used to hide within the walls.