Who is Deku’s dad? What happened to him in ‘My Hero Academia?’

Ever since 2014, anime fans have fallen in love with My Hero Academia. In a play on classic superhero teams, MHA has a variety of characters, each with their own special ability or “quirk.” Many of these may seem like regular humans, but they transform into amazing heroes, like the show’s fan-favorite hero-in-training, Deku. Over the course of MHA‘s five seasons and three movies, Deku has grown from a shy, soft-spoken, teenage boy into a strong, fast, and durable warrior.

The hero lifestyle has not always been the easiest route for Deku, as he has faced many battles with many near death experiences, something his overprotective mother bemoans. Thanks to U.A. High School’s veteran heroic teachers, Deku has many positive role models to choose from. However, since the show has not mentioned his dad, once has fans wondering about Deku’s missing father.

Who is Deku’s dad?

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Unfortunately, there is not a lot known about Deku’s dad. One thing that fans do know is his name, Hisashi Midoriya, who claims that he is Deku’s real father. Interestingly enough, Hisashi is very close to the word “hisashiburi”, which literally translates to, “long time, no see.” The fact that his name is so close to a word that suggests a long absence could explain why Deku is the way that he is, especially considering his mother’s protective nature.

Deku is obviously a careful person, as he gets that from his mom, but some of his other personality traits make more sense knowing that Hisashi could be his dad. Hisashi’s special “quirk” is that he can breathe fire, something that everyone wished that they could do at one point in their lives.

What happened to Deku’s dad?

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Unfortunately, there is not much else known about his dad. What we do know is that his dad ended up taking a job to work post elsewhere. However, we do not know where that is nor do we know where his dad is.

The writers of the show have said that the MIA dad will appear at some point. During My Hero‘s 2018 San Diego Comic-Con panel, the creative team stayed mum on the subject, but they teased the big reveal.

Will we ever learn the true identity of Deku’s dad? Regardless of what happens, Deku has carved out quite the job and has become quite the hero, in spite of his father’s absence.