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Who is Meowy in ‘Chainsaw Man?’

Find out who this pet is and why it's so important to Power.

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Warningthe following article contains spoilers for Chainsaw Man season oneepisode three, “Meowy’s Whereabouts.”

It turns out that Denji’s Fiend partner in Chainsaw Man might actually have a softer side now that we’ve learned more about her backstory and her furry little pet Meowy.

Chainsaw Man episode three picks up right after the previous episode. Power has just killed the Sea Cucumber Devil and the authorities are cleaning up the mess. Makima comes and as Power is explaining what’s happening she blames Denji for everything, which puts them on even worse terms. The two of them go to a convenience store afterward and Power sees a cat that reminds her of her pet cat Meowy.

Power tells him that she hates devils because one is responsible for stealing Meowy. She fell into Makima and the Public Safety Devil Hunters before she could get her cat back. She says that she’ll suffer through humans and demons alike if it means she can get Meowy back, but Denji doesn’t show any interest until she brings up that he’d probably care more if it was a dog. This makes him think of Pochita and he enthusiastically agrees to help her kill this devil.

Denji and Power take the bus and she tells him that the devil will probably use Meowy as a shield upon seeing him. If this happens, all will be lost. Denji brings up Pochita and asks if she thinks his pet is alive since he’s living in his heart, but she says that that’s nonsense, and that’s just what people say to make themselves feel better. Denji doesn’t think he’ll ever get along with her.

They travel to the house where this devil dwells and Power is walking ahead of Denji. He questions why the devil hasn’t come out and used Meowy as a shield, and that’s when the Fiend turns around with a hammer made from her blood and strikes him down. She drags him into the house where the Bat Devil dwells and hands Denji over to him. This is the devil’s first meal in ages, but when he squeezes Denji’s blood into his mouth he’s disgusted by the taste.

Denji is released and Power’s surprised that he fell for her trick. She asks the Bat Devil to give Meowy back to her, and that’s when we finally see the cat. It’s white with a black circle in the center of its forehead and it’s being held in a hanging cage. The Bat Devil grabs the cage and drops it in its mouth, cat and all. This triggers Power to experience a flashback. In it, she’s sitting naked atop of a bear that’s split in half and looking down at the cat. She names the cat Meowy and wants to feed it before she eats it herself.

In the next scene, Power has decapitated a cow and Meowy is drinking its milk from a bowl. At night, they’re laying together on a roof and she realizes that she’s grown attached to the animal. But the Bat Devil appears and grabs the cat, telling Power that she needs to bring him a human to feast on if she wants her cat back.

Back in the present, she realizes how Denji feels after he lost Pochita, and she lets the Bat Devil eat her. Denji seeks revenge and battles the devil who’s looking to cleanse his palate with humans. First, they battle in the air, then they take it to the streets below. Denji transforms into the Chainsaw Man and obliterates the beast, which stops him from causing any more destruction.

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