Who is Shura Kirigakure from ‘Blue Exorcist?’ Her age, height, and birthday, explained

Shura Kirigakure from Blue Exorcist.
Screengrab via YouTube/Kyubey's Stand

Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Blue Exorcist.

Shura Kirigakure is arguably the best side character in Blue Exorcist. With all the proper makings of a protagonist in her own right, she could easily carry her own show in the event of a spin-off. Even at first glance, her bold style (her red-and-blonde-dyed hair, her chest and abdomen tattoos, and her cool clothes) and personality set her apart as a rebel, someone who couldn’t care less about the opinions of others. Although she seems like a laid-back slacker, she’s actually one of the most competent Exorcists in the show, defeating high-level demons and training Exorcist apprentices. She’s smart, funny, honest, independent, pragmatic, capable, and loyal, exactly the sort of mentor that protagonists Rin and Yukio Okumura need in the absence of Father Shiro Fujimoto, their adoptive father, who dies as early on as Blue Exorcist‘s second episode.

As a former protege of Shiro, Shura steps in to fill his shoes after he exits the scene, appearing in disguise in Blue Exorcist‘s third episode before revealing herself in the twelfth. From then on, she takes Rin under her wing, helping him to master his blue flames contained inside Kurikara, his demon sword, with her knowledge of and experience with demon swords making her an invaluable resource for the half-demon hero. Time and again in Blue Exorcist, she shows up for the twins, saving them from demons and helping them level up. Her fighting skills are enhanced by the presence of her Maken blade, Fang (which can be possessed by demons and can utilize air and water for defense), as well as her familiar, a Naga (a low- to mid-tier demon able to possess serpents). She boasts a wide range of accomplishments, possessing a Meister in Aria, Doctor, Knight, and Tamer, along with an enviable variety of impressive affiliations, including inspector for the Vatican, Upper First Class Exorcist for The True Cross Order, and teacher at True Cross Academy.

With all these great feats under her belt, Shura is unsurprisingly a favorite amongst Blue Exorcist fans. Many are eager to learn more about the pink-eyed character, such as what her age, height, and birthday happen to be. Lucky for you, we’ve found the answers.

How old and tall is Shura, and when is her birthday?

Screengrab via YouTube/Kyubey’s Stand

Throughout Blue Exorcist, Shura Kirigakure is 26 to 27 years old, a fact that she’s willing to throw beer cans at tattletales (Yes, we’re glaring at you, Yukio!) to keep under wraps. Eventually, in Blue Exorcist‘s Aomori Arc, it’s revealed that her sensitivity stems from a curse that’s set to kill her by 30 rather than any ill-placed fear of aging.

As far as height goes, Blue Exorcist‘s kick-ass mentor is 5’6″, making her two inches shorter than Rin and five inches shorter than Yukio. However, her badass attitude and superb fighting skills give her an imposing presence nonetheless.

Interestingly, Blue Exorcist‘s coolest side character was born during the sunniest months, specifically on August 8, which makes her choice of red-and-blonde hair dye (both bright colors associated with the sun) fit that metaphorical theme. Fun coincidence, isn’t it?