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An ‘Avengers’ text chain exists and actively roasts people, as per Chris Hemsworth

And yes, it is as chaotic as you would've expected.

To no one’s surprise, the Avengers‘ cast is as close as we would’ve expected, with Chris Hemsworth proving that even 10 years later, their collective bond has nowhere near vanished.

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During the latest episode on the late-night show Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the host prompted Hemsworth by bringing up Chris Evans‘ latest eye-candy appearance as the Sexiest Man Alive on People‘s infamous cover. The magazine cover led the Australian actor to admit that they have an Avenger’s text chain, which immediately rumbled with messages after the cover came out. “We have an Avenger’s text chain,” he said “that quickly was like.. ‘What are you doing with your hands back there?,'” the actor joked about Evans’ pose.

The aforementioned cast, known to be absolute jesters on and off camera, did not end the teasing with just one simple joke. “[Robert] Downey said he was being arrested,” Hemsworth went on to add, “I said it’s a beautiful mugshot, and Jeremy Renner said a series of things which we won’t repeat.”

The Thor actor also admitted Renner to be the pot stirrer with “color commentary,” perfectly embodying the role of the sarcastic albeit hilarious Hawkeye. Kimmel provoked even more havoc by joking that Evans was probably thinking “Listen, I’m so sexy I can barely keep my hands off of myself, I’m gonna tuck them back here behind my belt so I don’t go crazy.”

Evans was nominated as the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ of 2022, as per the latest People Magazine edition, which also included Hemsworth in their list back in 2014. We can only imagine all the mockery happening in the superhero group chat – after all, it can’t be easy to bear the cross of being the most coveted men in Hollywood.

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