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Blumhouse boss attends company Halloween party dressed as his latest viral sensation

Blum never fails to disappoint, does he?

Jason Blum Blumhouse
Noam Galai / Getty Images

Now that Halloween is just a few days away, partygoers around the nation are lining up the aisles in local costume stores to carefully decide which spine-tingling outfit will perfectly suit them for October’s festivities. And while there are plenty of “sexy” costumes to choose from — some of them more tasteless than others — producer Jason Blum has apparently settled on a costume that echoes a recent viral sensation from his horror-fronted production house.

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Over on Twitter, the Blumhouse boss took to his official account to share his costume of choice for this year’s spooky season — which just so happens to be the internet’s favorite new horror doll from M3GAN. The attached image depicts Blum dressed as the M3GAN doll, with Blum insisting that his followers “guessed it right” about his costume. You can check out the post for yourself down below:

The titular character was introduced in an eerily satisfying trailer earlier this month, where the robot-like doll relies on artificial intelligence and human companionship to function properly — that is, until some unexpected carnage begins to occur. And seeing as the collaboration of Saw director James Wan and Jason Blum are at the center of the upcoming horror feature, it was only a matter of time until the creepy figure went viral and generated a whirlwind of memes.

Luckily for horror fanatics, the wait for M3GAN won’t be for much longer, seeing as the sci-fi horror is scheduled to be released during the first week of January 2023. Although the horror film sadly won’t be released during the aforementioned spooky season, the craze surrounding the project will undoubtedly cause ticket sales to skyrocket and keep folks intrigued by the movie’s chilling premise. If it’s good enough for Blum to dress up as it for Halloween, then it must be worth it.

M3GAN arrives in theaters on Jan. 6, 2023.