Former ‘Zoey 101’ star Alexa Nikolas reveals she is being stalked and says ‘Enough is enough’

Alexa Nikolas discusses Dan Schneider with Christy Carlson Romano
Screenshot via Christy Carlson Romano/YouTube

Former Zoey101co-star turned survivor’s rights activist Alexa Nicolas has made several alarming statements on social media in the last 24 hours stating that she is being cyber stalked. Nikolas came forward with the revelation earlier today in her Instagram stories and has promised a lengthy description of the situation in the form of a fifty-page letter that she says took her three days and “a lot [sic] conscious breathing and crying” to write.

Nikolas has been highly visible on social media for the past few months in her new role as an activist. The former actor, along with her advocacy protest group Eat Predators, has held several protests around the LA area including at the offices of her former employer, Nickelodeon. Nikolas has long maintained that she suffered from an abusive workplace while working on the set of Zoey101 and claimed she did not feel safe around the series creator Dan Schneider, who has since become a lightning rod for allegations of abuse and questionable practices.

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Nikolas most recently made several posts announcing her intentions to protest Tri Star Sports & Entertainment Group, Britney Spears‘s former management group who many believe are complicit in the singer’s now notorious conservatorship. Nikolas held the protest on schedule at their offices on Thursday of last week. It is not known whether her allegations of stalking are connected to any of the protests.

Nikolas co-starred with Britney’s younger sister, Jamie-Lynn Spears, on Zoey 101.

Nikolas also posted a photo featuring frequently asked questions regarding cyberstalking on her Instagram. She also released a statement on the same account that read in part, “I am done being verbally abused, stalked, harassed, and lied about.” The post also states that in addition to the open letter she has promised, she will also be releasing a conversation with @sochilmartin.healing presumably in regard to her situation. Sochil Martin is a trafficking survivor of the cult known as La Luz del Mundo and advocates for other survivors. She has an existing relationship with Nikolas according to her Instagram story highlights.