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George Takei has the perfect pick for Speaker of the House

Oh my! George has a great suggestion for the House of Representatives.

Score another direct hit for helmsman Hikaru Sulu. Star Trek legend and progressive activist George Takei has been paying close attention to the practically unprecedented goings on in the United States House of Representatives lately, and he may just have come up with a perfect solution (Sulu-tion?) to the repeated failed votes trying to establish a new Speaker of the House for the now Republican majority legislative body.

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In his characteristically waggish way, Takei has indicated that he’s perfectly willing to take up the gavel if the GOP can’t settle on a new Speaker in the wake of several failed attempts by longtime party hopeful Kevin McCarthy to pick up the votes necessary to sit at the Speaker’s dais.

The United Federation Starship Endeavor Captain-turned-broadway star has been a political wit on Twitter since he joined the platform in 2011 and seems to be taking particular delight at the newly developing rifts in the GOP, which is in a state of such divide it has failed to elect its own Speaker of the House, something that hasn’t occurred in over a century. Takei has lobbed a few verbal grenades toward the right over the past day as squabbles between the various factions have split the once-united Republican party in the wake of former president Donald Trump’s waning popularity with the base.

Takei even went so far as to invoke January 6, comparing the current party schisms to a “group of chaotic, political terrorists [that] are trying to gain control of Capitol Hill.”

Takei also reached out to his over 3 million Twitter followers to take another swipe at Trump – a favorite target of the actor, who is the son of immigrants and was relocated to an American internment camp as a child. Takei mocked Trump’s desperate attempts to falsely proclaim himself the winner of the 2020 presidential campaign by stating that the former president had called the capitol to plead for “15 more votes” presumably for the no longer presumptive Speaker, Kevin McCarthy, who has lost three consecutive bids for the position over the last two days.

Keep setting phasers to “savage,” Mister Takei.

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