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Joe Jonas’ lyric change has fans questioning who’s spreading rumors about the divorce

The plot thickens.

DUNDEE, SCOTLAND - MAY 27: Joe Jonas of Jonas Brothers performs on Radio 1 Stage during BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend 2023 at Camperdown Wildlife Centre on May 27, 2023 in Dundee, Scotland. (Photo by Roberto Ricciuti/Redferns)
Photo by Roberto Ricciuti/Redferns

Our 2023 bingo card did not include Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner‘s divorce in the pipeline, but this year just keeps on giving. We also did not expect this to be the most mysterious breakup this year, but at this point, what can we predict?

With accusation juggling back and forth – plus quite an accusatory team towards Miss Turner – the ex-couple has suspiciously remained rather silent on the subject. Most of the allegations surrounding their separation normally include a “sources say,” warning at the start, so needless to say – everything should be taken with a grain of salt. For once, though, Jonas himself appears to have made a cryptic lyric change that is surely catching the attention of some eagle-eyed fans.


#stitch with @Just Jared Jr. they’re both hurting, they loved each other – no one can debate that #joejonas #sophieturner #jophie

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The change occurred during the song “Hesitate,” where the lyrics read “Don’t be scared / Because I’m on your side.” Instead, the singer sang “Don’t be scared / Because I’m on her side.” In what’s likely a nod to their separation, Jonas appears to be hinting at the fact that all the rumors surging aren’t coming from his team, and likely derive from an entirely different source.

What’s more, fans were quick to note that the song chosen wasn’t by chance. In some concerts during the beginning of the Jonas Brothers tour, the singer had previously dedicated the same exact song to Turner multiple times. Aside from this public mysterious declaration, the only other time the Game of Thrones actress spoke up was through an Instagram post where she ensured that it was a “united decision.”

In the end, it is far less harmful to just wait for the duo to release their statements if they wish, without creating any deprecating speculation. Perhaps there is no bad side to this story, and everyone is just hoping to villanize anyone for the sake of entertainment. Just the internet being the internet.

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