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What is Pedro Pascal’s dating history?

The Chilean hearthrob's dating resume, explored — and does he have a current plus one?

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The Last of Us megastar Pedro Pascal is at the top of his game; from his role as Joel Miller on the post-apocalyptic HBO series to his renowned status as the internet’s number-one daddy, it’s safe to say that the Chilean-born actor is killing it. Fans are extremely interested in Pascal’s activies both on and off screen, and recently his current relationship status and past dating history have become a hot topic.

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Yet despite this mounting level of intrigue, Pascal has always been an extremely private person, carefully protecting his personal life from the prying lens of the paparazzi. Of course, this isn’t a surprise; many A-List celebrities find fame often comes at the unwelcome cost of constantly being hounded by media. Pascal is no exception, working hard to ensure his private life stays exactly that — private. Yet we have been able to dig up a few details about this smoking celebrities off screen activities. Here’s what we found out.

Let’s start by adressing a few rumors. It’s worth noting that despite the gossip, his long-standing friendship with Sarah Paulson is strictly platonic — especially when you consider that Paulson is openly gay, and in a relationship with actress Holland Taylor. Yet this widely known information did not seem to keep the media from speculating, so to put that rumor to rest, Sarah Paulson and Pascal are just friends, ok? Case closed.

Maria Dizzia

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After appearing on an episode of Law & Order together back in the ‘90s, a romance began to blossom between Pascal and Orange is the New Black star Maria Dizzia. Althought the pair never publicly confirmed their relationship, it’s widely known around the Hollywood block that the duo were romantically linked at one point. The last known reports were of the pair parting ways sometime around 2011. As the relationship was kept very much on the down-low, exactly when or why the couple split was information the public was also not privvy to. Since that time, Dizzia has moved on and married playwright Will Eno, with whom she now has a child.

Lena Headey

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Following the pattern of dating his costars, Pascal was romantically linked to Game of Thrones actress Lena Headey while the duo were starring in the hit fantasy series. At the time, the pair were quite public about spending alone time together, even posting pictures on together Instagram back in 2014.

That same year, the duo were seen cuddling up and going on shopping trips together. It was the most public Pascal had ever been, yet a relationship was still never officially confirmed! Although many speculated the couple might be headed to the altar, ultimately the two parted ways, and Headey moved on, marrying twice since that time.

Robin Tunney

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Back in 2015, rumors began to swirl surrounding Pascal and The Mentalist actress Robin Tunney. Much like the rest of Pascal’s romantic relationships, the two met on screen and reportedly soon began an off-camera romance. Also in true Pascal form, it was never actually confirmed whether he was dating Tunney, despite the duo being seen in public together often. The two were spotted partaking in sushi dates and even had outings together with Tunney’s young son. Yet just as the relationship was never confirmed, neither was its ending. The pair seemed to abruptly part ways, with no explanation or even confirmation provided.

Who is Pedro Pascal currently dating?

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At the time of this writing, Pascal is currently not linked to anybody. Yes, that’s right, he is very much single, and always seems ready to mingle. So form an orderly line, ladies, because this Sexiest Man Alive contender appears to be up for grabs. Unfortunately for the general public, however, Pascal seemingly has a strong track record of only dating fellow co-stars, so unless you happen to land a leading role across from him, you may be out of luck. Although considering how private Pascal truly is, even if he has embarked on a new relationship, we would likely be kept out of the loop.

As far as we know, Pedro Pascal is a bachelor and proud of it. There are not even any relationship rumors currently circulating to whet our gossip whistle. We can only speculate he is waiting for his next starring role to pick up his next leading lady. We wait with baited breath until that time. Stay tuned.