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Where is Kim Scott Mathers now? What to know about Eminem’s ex-wife

The mother of Eminem's daughter, Kim Scott Mathers made headlines (and song titles) in the 2000s, but what has she been doing since?

Kim Mathers in court apperance
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As everyone is probably aware by now, thanks to the multitude of songs written about it, Kim Scott Mathers used to be in a very tumultuous relationship and marriage with rapper Marshall Mathers, aka Eminem. The couple had one biological daughter together, while also adopting several relatives’ children during the time Eminem was climbing up the long ladder of rapper stardom. When the two split, Kim faded from his life but certainly not his songs. The famous rapper’s ex-wife’s name shows up in many of his lyrics across several of his albums. The lyrics themselves are not exactly flattering, and make Eminem’s feelings toward his ex-wife very clear. Yet Eminem’s lyrics are not the only places Kim’s name has been written since their split, as she has made her own share of headlines.

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How did Kim Scott Mathers and Eminem meet?

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Kim Scott Mathers and Eminem first got together in 1989 as teenagers. They met at a house party when Kim was only 13 after she and her sister had run away from home. The sisters had reportedly run away from a tumultuous home life and an abusive stepfather landing in Detroit, Michigan where Kim met Eminem. The pair became inseparable and were together for several years before having their daughter, Hailey, in 1995 when Kim was 20 years old. The couple eventually made it official, tying the knot in 1999, but their marriage was short-lived, as they divorced only two years later. They rekindled their romance, getting back together and even remarrying in 2006, but decided to divorce again just a few months after saying “I do.” Again.

Kim Scott Mather’s daughter with Eminem

One of Kim’s self-reported proudest achievements was having Hailie Jade with Eminem back in 1995. Her daughter has grown up to be a huge influencer, with 2.9 million followers on Instagram and a YouTube podcast with about 87,000 subscribers and growing. Hailie seems well-adjusted despite everything her mother has been through, and that most likely had some impact on her growing up.

Kim and Eminem also adopted Kim’s niece Alaina who is now 30 and a successful travel blogger. She recently got married to her long-time boyfriend Matt Moeller and is reportedly doing very well in newlywed bliss. Kim has another child who now identifies as nonbinary from a relationship that occurred between her and Eminem’s marriages. Stevie’s biological father, Eric Hartter passed away in 2019 and Eminem adopted them in 2005.

Kim Scott Mather’s struggles with mental health

Kim’s battles with addiction and mental health have been ongoing and due to her ex-husband’s celebrity status, very public. Kim’s first recorded suicide attempt occurred when Hailie was only 6 years old. Eminem was on tour, and Kim had gone with some friends to watch one of his shows. She watched horrified in the audience as he beat up a blow-up doll that was made to look like her on stage, while he performed the song “Kim,” which clearly was about her. That night, she attempted to end her own life by cutting her wrists.

Kim made other attempts at self-harm over the years. In 2015 she crashed her car while drinking and driving. When asked by the police, she admitted that she was trying to end her own life. The incident occurred only days after her mother’s death, and later a note was found explaining that she wished she had died instead. She was arrested and charged with a DUI.

In 2021, TMZ reported that she had been hospitalized again after making an attempt on her own life. Police were called to her house because of concerns that she was suicidal. She reportedly tried to fight them and became so violent that paramedics were unable to do their jobs. She was ultimately checked into the hospital to be evaluated.

Kim’s difficult past has been well documented, as she has spoken openly about it. and the subsequent deaths of her mother and twin sister affected her deeply. Drug and alcohol addiction has also been an ongoing struggle for the rapper’s former wife.

How is Kim Scott Mathers doing now?

Kim Mathers in court apperance
Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

Now however, online sources report her net worth at $2 million and it is rumored that she owns her home in Macomb Township, Michigan, where she’s pursuing a freelance career. She says she has found joy in writing children’s books and following other creative pursuits. Despite a long road, it seems she is finally finding some happiness in her life. In fact, it is also rumored that she and ex-Eminem are on fairly good terms at the moment.

Eminem continues to be a beloved and successful rapper, recently participating in one of the most watched and profitable Super Bowl Half-Time Shows of all time. In 2017 he released the song “Bad Husband,” which reportedly was his form of apology to Kim.