The 10 Strongest Characters In The Marvel Universe


From when Marvel Comics began in 1939, the company has introduced hundreds of characters all with their unique quirks and varied level of strength. During this time, many of the most popular characters have excelled to stardom while more obscure characters have taken a back seat, but this doesn’t mean they’re not the most powerful.

Over the different stories and universes within Marvel Comics, there is a handful of characters that have displayed levels of power unmatched by any other. Here are some of the strongest characters in the Marvel Universe.



To start out list off is one of the Avenger’s most challenging foes, Galactus. The character known as the Devourer of Worlds is a cosmic-level villain in the Marvel Universe and has the ability to eat entire planets. His unlimited cosmic power is completed by supreme intelligence and some impressive technology forging his suit. While Galactus may appear to be human his look changes depending on the species of the being looking at him so between universes he may appear in a unique state.


When it comes to Magical beings in Marvel Cyttorak rules above them all, in fact, he is the root source of many of their powers. Before being banished to the Crimson Cosmos, Cyttorak was worshipped on Earth and boasts omnipotent power within the realm.

Phoenix Force

It isn’t always as simple as one person being powerful in Marvel Comics as is the case with the Pheonix Force which has powered a variety of hosts over the years. The cosmic entity has the ability to harness omnipotent power, tap into the life force of future generations, resurrect the dead and accomplish a laundry list of other incredible feats. Over the years some of the most notable hosts for this entity have been Jean Grey and Dark Pheonix.

Franklin Richards

By far the most powerful mutant on Earth-616, Franklin Richards is the son of Reed Richards and Sue Storm and boosts the ability to warp reality. Franklin has used his incredible power to create an entire universe in the past and is said to be on par with The Eternals. The one knock that the character does have is that he can burn out after overusing his powers which can cause problems against the few tougher foes.

The Celestials

The Celestials are a race of beings within the Marvel Universe who have significantly influenced the events over time. While they come in many different forms there powers remain mostly the same boasting both omnipotent power and immortality.


The embodiment of Death itself, Oblivion is a cosmic being who has been around since before the multiverse was forged. With the ability to manifest at will and near-infinite strength, Oblivion is by far one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe.

Living Tribunal

Another cosmic entity, this humanoid has existed as long as the universe itself and sits above most of its inhabitants. The job of the Living Tribunal is to safeguard the multiverse from being imbalanced by any mystical forces. There isn’t a whole lot that this character can’t do in fact he is capable of neutralizing the power of all the Infinity Gems at the same time.


The ability to duplicate powers is quite a useful tool when facing off against powerful foes and this is exactly why Protege takes the number three spot on our list. During her battle with the Living Tribunal, this cosmic entity was able to duplicate his power and defeat him in combat. With the power to mimic abilities and access to omnipotent power, there are few that can handle this challenge.


The Beyonder is a member of the race aptly called The Beyonders and one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe. With the ability to manipulate reality this character will outmatch every character in the universe, including the Living Tribunal which he has defeated before, except the one name left on our list.

The One Above All

The One Above All

As the name suggests, the One Above All is the strongest character in the Marvel Universe and that’s because they are the ruler of the multiverse. While they barely pop up in the comics or are forced to take action, the being’s presence goes untested with an unlimited pool of power.