Apex Legends Wraith Exploit Finally Getting Fixed In Future Update

Apex Legends

Seasoned Apex Legends players are no strangers to game-breaking bugs and exploits. Since the battle royale released earlier this year, in fact, Respawn has sunk countless man-hours into ironing out issues affecting the game, oftentimes being forced to sacrifice development time for new content in the process. Most of those major hindrances have since been eradicated, of course, freeing up time for the squad shooter to commence its second season of play.

A handful of irritants aside, Season 2 has gone off without a hitch for the player base, injecting some much-needed progression changes and features into the sandbox. That was the case, at least, until a particularly egregious exploit involving Wraith was discovered shortly after Battle Charge went live. The character’s ‘Into the Void’ ability, as it turns out, can be glitched to come off cooldown instantly, essentially granting those that abuse it invulnerability.

Several weeks on, players still encountering the glitch have been waiting patiently for Respawn to acknowledge its prevalence. Perhaps even provide a date for when it expects the loophole to be closed. Thankfully, the developer finally specified that a fix is on the way in its latest sit-rip with fans over on Reddit.

Due to the method in which Wraith’s unintended immortality is triggered, slapping a bandaid on the issue simply won’t be possible. It could well be the case that Respawn’s forced to completely change cooldown timers and animation locks, but we’ll see. In somewhat related news, the above isn’t the only oddity currently plaguing Kings Canyon regulars. As per this humorous clip uploaded online yesterday, it seems that Apex Legends has a problem with homicidal doors, too. No, really.