Batman Voice Actor Teases Big Game Awards Reveal


At long last, the sequel Batman fans have been waiting for is on the cusp of being revealed.

Or is it? Truthfully, we don’t know, but if a recent teaser provided by voice actor Roger Craig Smith is any indication, we know, at the very least, that something big is on the horizon. Together with Kevin Conroy, Smith’s performances as the Dark Knight are some of the most memorable and, as luck would have it, Warner Bros’ Arkham Series is among that number. More specifically, Smith stood in for Conroy to voice Gotham’s protector in spinoff title Origins, a fact that, when paired with recent leaks, appears to all but confirm the imminent announcement of a sequel.

You can check the frustratingly vague teaser for yourselves below:


Now, here comes the bad news.

Confirmation of a new Batman title it may seem at first glance, but the loaded comment is wide open for interpretation, not least due to Smith’s other acting credits. Both Sonic The Hedgehog (various media) and Apex Legends hero Mirage are voiced by Smith, so we can’t be sure that he’s alluding to the oft-rumored Arkham: Legacy. The situation gets even messier when one takes into account that Respawn’s aforementioned battle royale is confirmed to be making an appearance at tonight’s show.

In fact, the developer is expected to reveal Apex‘s Christmas-themed event on-stage, for which Mirage, surprise surprise, is said to play a major role. Is that irrefutable proof of Batman‘s video game comeback being over before it’s even begun? Not at all (Smith’s comment doesn’t necessarily refer to just a single title, after all), but it’s reason enough to temper expectations. Whatever happens, we’ll be watching with keen interest when the curtains are pulled back in just a few short hours.

The Game Awards begin at 8:30 pm ET/5:30 pm PT/1:30 am GMT.