Capcom’s Celebrating Halloween With Some Spooky Street Fighter V Costumes

Street Fighter V

With Halloween just a few weeks away from rolling around once again, Capcom’s seen fit to reveal several suitably themed costumes for various members of Street Fighter V‘s cast, along with a special, spooky version of Zangief’s Russia stage.

Each set of new threads will set you back $3.99, and they include the likes of a crimson-colored werewolf costume for Necalli, Vega in a circus ringmaster’s get-up and Nash with a Frankenstein’s Monster theme, although he wasn’t far off looking as such in his standard appearance.

Seven costumes will be available in all, all of which which you can see for yourself in the gallery above along with the Halloween stage. Jack-o-lanterns, gravestones and even zombie Cossack dancers are just some of the furnishings you’ll be able to spot in the background, as well as a “familiar face or two.” Could they be hints for Street Fighter V‘s second season of DLC characters?

Capcom has yet to formally announce such a thing, but we can’t imagine the developer has any intention of making Urien the final add-on fighter for the popular beat ’em up.

All of the seasonal content will only be available from October 11 to November 29, so make sure you don’t leave it to long to snap them up. As an aside, the Halloween stage can be purchased with 40,000 Fight Money.