Classic Resident Evil Trilogy Now On Sale On Playstation Store


The remake of Resident Evil 3 is just around the corner and we’re already getting word of what to expect in Resident Evil 8But why not take a trip back to the series’ origins? The PlayStation Store is running a sale offering big discounts on remakes, remasters and retro games, with the original PlayStation Resident Evil trilogy getting some hefty price cuts.

1996’s Resident Evil, where it all began, is on sale for just $1.99 now, with 1998’s Resident Evil 2 and 1999’s Resident Evil 3: Nemesis just ten cents more at $2.09. So for just over the price of a Frappucino you could own three of the most influential games in the history of survival horror. Now, you may be thinking that these old games will be too dated to enjoy, and you might have a point with Resident Evil (though the voice-acting is still hilarious), but I’ve played through Resident Evil 2 and recently and they still hold up.

The combination of pre-rendered backgrounds and relatively high-quality 3D character models has aged surprisingly well and while the games may not be quite as terrifying as they were in their heyday, they can still provide some decent chills. After all, it’s difficult not to feel a bit of panic when you hear Nemesis stomping through the Raccoon City streets in hot pursuit of you.

Of course, with the Resident Evil 3 remake just around the corner, all three of these games have now been revamped from their original forms and given huge graphical updates. But sometimes it’s good to get back to where it all began and realize how far this series has come.

The only real fly in the ointment is that these PSOne classics won’t play on a PlayStation 4, meaning you’ll have to use a PlayStation 3 or Vita. However, there are persistent rumors that the upcoming PlayStation 5 will feature backwards compatibility with the majority of the PlayStation catalogue. So why not pick them up now and put them away for a rainy day?

Source: GameRant