Iron Man VR Demo Reportedly Coming Soon


Marvel fans eager to experience what it’s like to be a superhero could be in for a treat in the near future, it seems. More specifically, recent leaks have suggested that Sony’s Iron Man VR game, which was confirmed to have suffered a delay earlier this year, is due to get a demo sometime in the near future.

Twitter account PSN Releases, which regularly tracks updates made to the online storefront, discovered what appears to be a listing for the PlayStation VR demo on the Asian version of PSN. Unfortunately, we’re unable to verify the leak directly, as the PSN Releases account appears to have either been locked or disabled by the social media outlet (presumably for breaching the terms of service), though PlayStation Lifestyle managed to transcribe the post in question which reads:

The game Marvel’s Iron Man VR – Demo with id CUSA18303 has been added to the PS4 Asian PSN!

Sadly, no release date for the demo is mentioned, though with the full game now scheduled to arrive in early May, it’s likely that fans eager to don Tony Stark’s iconic armor won’t need to wait long for an official announcement. Developed by Camouflaj Games, Iron Man VR sees players take on the mysterious villain known as Ghost, an anti-corporate hacker with a bone to pick with Stark Industries’ history as a weapons manufacturer. At this time, it’s unknown whether Stark’s solo adventure shares canonicity with the MCU, though we’ll hopefully get some answers on that front the release date draws closer.

Iron Man VR is due out May 15th exclusively for PlayStation VR and isn’t the only video game coming this year known to feature the charismatic hero. Crystal Dynamics’ Marvel’s Avengers, itself having recently suffered a delay, is due out in the fall for consoles and PC. See here for the most recent trailer.