Driveclub Has Dynamic Weather, Too

driveclub ps4 (2)

Feeling left out of the talk about dynamic weather in racing games, the team behind Driveclub decided to take to Instagram today, to show off their title’s rain technology. The result is an impressive look at one of gaming’s most talked-about and anticipated racers, but only a brief one at that. You see, due to Instagram being the chosen delivery method, all we have for you are two very short videos; one showing off a drive through a Canadian forest, and the other taking place on a rock-bordered roadway.

There’s little else to say about such a brief content drop, but I will say that seeing these videos has made me want this game even more. They also provide more proof as to how this year is going to be a great one for racing fans.

Check out the video — well, both videos combined — below:

Driveclub will come to PS4 on October 7, and will join a handful of other games that have chosen to launch on the very same day.

Source: ArnotS2