Where To Find Thor’s Hammer In Fortnite Season 4 Teaser

Thor Ragnarok
Image via Marvel Studios

The build-up to Fortnite‘s next seasonal refresh has begun.

Season 4 is scheduled to go live tomorrow, August 27th across all platforms (iOS and Android excluded, for legal reasons), bringing with it the usual helping of new playable content and cosmetics to unlock. Once again, Epic Games is teaming up with Marvel to deliver some skins and outfits themed after your favorite superheroes though this time, in particular, it looks as if Season 4’s overarching story will be directly tied to their appearance.

Fans have already been privy to a sizable list of potential guest characters thanks to several leaks, of course, though Thor remains the only participant so far confirmed. As of writing, in fact, the Asgardian’s trusted hammer, Mjolnir, is now present on Apollo Island and you can check it out for yourself in-game. As for where you’ll find it, well, the directions are pretty simple.

Once you’re off the Battle Bus, make a beeline for Salty Springs. From here, head southwest and you’ll eventually encounter a newly-formed crater in the ground. Perched in the impact zone’s centre you’ll find the legendary Mjolnir without its master anywhere to be seen. Sadly, there’s currently no prompt that allows players to interact with the weapon in any manner, though as you’ll no doubt already know, Mjolnir is unlikely to consider you worthy enough to be its wielder. Not yet, at least.

Given that the hammer is expected to be an unlockable cosmetic at some point during Season 4, it’s more or less a matter of when, not if, you’ll be able to pick it up. Expect more details to surface tomorrow when Fortnite‘s next major update goes live.