Ninja Offers Some Advice On How To Eliminate Fortnite’s Best Players


Though Apex Legends has come along and stolen a lot of its thunder – on Twitch, at least – Fortnite is still right up there with the most popular video games currently available.

Perched at the tip-top of that wave is Ninja (AKA Richard Tyler Blevins), who remains a huge advocate for all things Fortnite. So when he takes a moment to dish out some words of wisdom regarding Epic’s shooter, we should all heed his advice, right?

While in attendance at a streaming event in Poland, Ninja was asked straight-up about what he considers to be the most important tactic in all of Fortnite. Spoilers: it involves a sniper rifle.

You want to know how you take out top players? You want to know how you take out all of the freaking people who are some of the best builders in the game and have the most amazing game sense? You snipe them in the face. Just learn how to snipe.

Wise words from the world’s #1 Fortnite player. The Epic Games juggernaut recently launched its eighth season replete with pirate-themed content and more skins and cosmetics than we can count. There’s also been a new vehicle added into the mix as part of Fortnite‘s most recent update, and while the game experienced a bout of downtime earlier this week, it still has the power to attract millions of players from across the globe.

Ninja has been instrumental in that success, too, so we’re pleased to see that he’s still a big part of the community – even as the so-hot-right-now Apex Legends continues to grow in size and stature. 50 million players and counting, after all…

Source: Twitch