Fortnite Season 10 Final Trailer Teases An Explosive Start

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Fortnite Season 10 is due to commence in less than 24 hours and with an explosion of map-wide proportions, no less. Today marks the release of Epic Games’ final teaser for tomorrow’s update but unlike those revealed earlier in the week, this one comes in the form of a miniature trailer.

As far as its contents are concerned, you can witness them unfold for yourselves via the embed below:

And just what, exactly, does the significance of an exploding orb of light serve for Season 10? I can’t say with 100% certainty that we’re looking at an allusion to time travel shenanigans but right now, that’s certainly the most likely scenario. Speculation that Epic would have players visit past, present and future iterations of Battle Island in Season 10 first surfaced last week during the Fortnite World Cup. There, on-stage, the developer stoked the hype machine with an image depicting what appeared to be Dusty Divot.

The location, which was ceremoniously blown to smithereens in prior seasons, will return from the past (or will we return to its present?) but that’s not all. The future is equally ripe for exploration too, it seems, what with the release of a follow-up teaser depicting what looks to be a gargantuan robot accompanied with the caption “Look forward.” How all of these individual puzzle pieces fit together is frustratingly hard to determine, of course, which is undoubtedly the desired effect.

What with the extremely close proximity of Fortnite Season 10, speculating too heavily this late in the game is largely futile – all the answers will reveal themselves tomorrow. In the meantime, you can head over here for a first-look at some of the new cosmetics that will be headed your way as part of a refreshed Battle Pass. Enjoy!