Fortnite Season 8 Week 4 Challenge: Where To Find The Secret Banner


Fortnite Season 8 is officially now in its fourth week and those that consider Battle Island a second home will know exactly what that means. Like clockwork, a fresh batch of challenges accompanying the weekly reset is now live, putting players to task on completing several objectives on the pretense of lucrative rewards upon their completion. Specific weapon eliminations, treasure hunts and repeated use of Fortnite Season 8’s new Baller vehicle are just some of the activities Epic will have you partake in over the next seven days and, as expected, a special hidden surprise awaits those that hit 100%.

As is tradition, crossing off every new challenge will unlock a new loading screen to keep minds occupied during the downtime between matches, but that’s not all it’s good for. Like every week prior in Season 8, this particular screen will have a clue nestled within it pointing towards a location that players will need to visit for some additional rewards.

To retrieve the prize this time around, you’ll need to visit the volcano in Charred Overlook. Once you’ve made the hike to the volcano’s peak, search around the edge until you happen upon a red pillar with a brazier atop it.  There should be a banner attached to one side of the pillar. Grab it and you’re all done. Those that prefer visual guides can use the step by step walkthrough below, courtesy of Fortnite Intel.

As always, you’ll need to be wary of other players attempting to complete the challenge themselves, so be sure to come prepared for a fight. A word of advice from us would be to forget about climbing the volcano and wait for the Battle Buss to fly directer over its epicentre. Far less risk involved that way.

Also of note: you’ll need to have completed every Fortnite Season 8 Week 4 challenge available before shooting for the secret banner, or else it won’t appear. Fortunately, we’ve already covered how best to go about ticking those off in a timely manner right here. You can thank us later.