Handy Tips On How To Use Lifeline’s Ultimate Ability In Apex Legends


When a game like Apex Legends comes along, and players begin to experiment with all of the many colorful characters (Octane included) a few favorites begin to emerge. Lifeline is one such Legend.

And it seems players have failed to appreciate the versatility of her Care Package ability. Thankfully, Redditor Korvax_of_Myrmidon (h/t Dexerto) is here to assist, as below you’ll see not one, not two, but four tips and how to best use Lifeline’s silver bullet.

They are, in no particular order, cover, barricade, mobility and psychological, each of which can turn the tide of battle when used at just the right moment. Of course, everyone will have their own approach to Lifeline and her cutting-edge abilities, but if nothing else, this handy guide presents a good starting point for those who may not have given her the chance she deserves.

Cover – the pod is sturdy. It blocks gunfire, and line of sight. If you get stuck with bad positioning, especially towards the final rings, good pod placement can give you a little breathing room to heal and reload. It’s also handy on the edge of buildings if you are engaged in a long-range sniper duel.

Barricade – the pod can block people from entering or exiting small doorways. You can use this to trap people in buildings, forcing them to go out a certain way. You can also use it to keep people out if you are holed up in the endgame, funneling them into a nice kill pocket. Just beware because it’s still possible to throw a grenade through a blocked entrance if the door is ajar or destroyed.

Providing one member of your squad selects Lifeline prior to the beginning of a new game, these strategies ought to come in very handy in the heat of battle. Redditor Korvax_of_Myrmidon fully admits that these tips are situational, and may not be effective for all players, but they’ll still ensure you’ll at least have some tricks up your proverbial sleeve when playing as Lifeline.

Here’s the final two, which focus more on the element of surprise…

Mobility – the pod is climbable. You can use it to gain access to a few places that normally only a squad with Pathfinder or Octane could get too. Or, use it as a shortcut and bypass the need to climb stairs or crates, which normally leaves you vulnerable. You can really catch people off guard with this.

Psychological – Other squads can see and hear the pod come down, and if you don’t open it right away, it shoots a very visible blue beam into the sky. Now, it’s hard to know exactly how other squads will react, but generally it’s gonna be one of two ways: A lot of players are blindly aggressive and will beeline for it hoping to get some kills. Other squads are more cautious and will avoid it or try to get in position to snipe at whoever approaches it. But either way, you are distracting them, forcing them to react, and throwing them off their plan. Maybe two squads go for it and you can 3rd party them. Maybe you can counter-snipe the squad that wants to ambush you. It’s just one more tool in your arsenal.

The jury’s still out on that last one, but Apex Legends really ought to take note when it comes to Lifeline’s Ultimate ability. Elsewhere, today brought forth some new advice relating to Octane and how to get the very best out of Respawn’s adrenaline junkie.

Source: Reddit

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