Here’s Your Cheat Sheet For Fortnite Season 8, Week 7 Challenges


Time sure does fly in the world of Fortnite, doesn’t it? It feels like just yesterday that the battle royale’s eighth season kicked off with a pirate-themed bang and now, we’re well and truly over the halfway mark. Season 9 is still a ways off, of course, and there remains a bounty of Battle Stars yet to be collected via Epic Games continued rollout of weekly challenges. Week 7’s list of objectives, like those before it, is split down the middle, with half available to all players and half for Battle Pass owners only.

Tackling the former first, dealing damage to opponents with pickaxes and the usual list of visitations are in order this week, with the wild card this time being for players to visit three pirate camps in a single life. Given each camp’s relative remoteness to one another, managing the feat without being picked off by an opponent could prove difficult, though persistence will eventually pay off. With that said, those struggling can refer to the cheat sheet below, courtesy of Fortnite Insider, that handily marks each on the map.

As for the tasks exclusive to Battle Pass owners, searching treasure chests at Loot Lake and/or Snobby Shores can be easily ticked off, as can eliminations at named locations. Those are signposted for your benefit above, though the remaining two challenges could prove worthy of their namesake. Dealing 500 damage to players from above will require that you eliminate players while at a height advantage while dealing damage to players while riding zip lines demands a steady aim.

It should be noted that, as always, every challenge can be completed either alone or with a squad and the latter could well prove to be the easier option, thanks to a recent gameplay addition. As of patch v8.30, players are now able to revive fallen teammates in Fortnite by visiting one of several Reboot Vans in the world. See here for all the details.