New Expansion Packs And Battle Arenas Now Available For LEGO Dimensions


A new wave of LEGO Dimensions expansion packs featuring popular cartoon, film and TV characters are now available to buy in stores, Warner Bros. has announced. The so-called Wave 6 release includes new content based around the Harry Potter, Adventure Time, Mission Impossible, Ghostbusters and A-Team franchises, each one bringing with them popular mini-figures depicting the likes of Ethan Hunt, Finn and Jake and B. A. Baracus.

Accompanying the launch of Wave 6 is a new in-game feature – Battle Arenas – which pit up to four players against each other in a battle royale that will surely determine who is the strongest pop culture icon of all time. Well, in LEGO form, at least.

21 arenas based on different franchises are available, with players able to unlock each one for use in Free Play Adventure mode by using special golden Toy Tags included in waves 6 through 9 expansion packs. Four different modes – Tick Tag Boom, Base Bash, Capture the Flag and Objective – are on offer, all promising their own wacky version of popular competitive modes.

Besides all of the competitive split-screen fun LEGO fans are going to have at their fingertips for the foreseeable future, each new expansion has its own single-player offering that includes six levels of LEGO themed storytelling.

All of the new expansions are compatible with the base LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack, which is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Wii U and last-gen consoles. Next year will see the release of LEGO Batman Movie and Knight Rider add-ons.