New Prey Trailer Is All About Gadgets, Gear And Weapons


Bethesda and Arkane Studios continue their streak of releasing regular gameplay trailers for Prey today with one that takes a look at the various gadgets that protagonist Morgan Yu will have access to aboard the Talos I space station. As was the case with previous videos, this particular taster offers an overview of but a small selection of the tools at Yu’s disposal, although each one looks to be a vital bit of kit in ensuring players don’t get their face chewed off by the extraterrestrial and not particularly friendly Typhon.

First up is the Transcribe tool, or, as it’s otherwise known, the user interface. A portable knickknack capable of performing various functions, holding it up to one’s face projects an LCD screen directly onto Morgan’s eyeballs, wherein inventory management and upgrades can be carried out. Following that is the Recycler Charge, a small, spherical object that appears to serve a similar purpose to grenades, although Prey‘s version is one that devours matter by conjuring what looks like a miniature black hole.

Other oddities detailed include Engineering Operators. Essentially automated janitors employed on Talos I, the flimsy machines can be prone to malfunction and attack Morgan, although judging by what follows in the trailer, disposing of them shouldn’t be too much hassle. The Gloo Cannon and Typhon Lure, both of which have been briefly showcased in previous videos, take up the remainder of the running time, the former of which is able to immobilize Typhon in their tracks in order to enable a hasty retreat or some much-needed breathing room.

Prey is out May 5 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, with those that pre-order gaining access to various bonus items. See here for all the details.