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No, Spider-Man PS4 Won’t Be At Either PSX Or The Game Awards 2016

Developer Insomniac Games has dashed hopes that new Spider-Man PS4 footage would be shown at either PSX or Thursday's The Game Awards.

Following showcases at both E3 2016 and September’s PS4 Pro reveal event, developer Insomniac Games has confirmed via Twitter that Spider-Man PS4 will skip both The Game Awards 2016 and this weekend’s PlayStation Experience in Anaheim. Providing today’s announcement isn’t some form of red herring, that is.

As both events drew near, there was some chatter online suggesting that Insomniac would premiere new footage from its in-development licensed title sometime this week, with PSX being the most likely candidate given the studio’s exclusivity deal with Sony. Alas, that’s not the case, but the developer did promise to share “cool stuff” in 2017, at which point we’ll surely be looking at a more complete build of Spider-Man PS4.

Mind you, that doesn’t necessarily guarantee Insomniac’s open-world superhero title will release next year, only that the developer will be more prepared to delve a little deeper into the game, its original story and its interpretation of Peter Parker.

Per Twitter:

Featuring an original Spider-Man story, one that’s completely unrelated to Jon Watts’ Homecoming reboot, Insomniac’s partnership with Sony and Marvel Games may well open the floodgates for more superhero-themed games based on Marvel’s vast archive of characters. That vision will no doubt hinge on the potential success of Spider-Man PS4, though, but early signs are certainly positive.

Insomniac’s Spider-Man is in development as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. Are you disappointed to hear that Spidey will be a no-show during this week’s events? Let us know down below.

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