Official Resident Evil Survey Is Asking Fans If They Want More Remakes

Resident Evil 4

If recent leaks doing the rounds online are to be believed, Capcom’s next major project following the release of Resident Evil 3 remake is the survival horror series’ long-awaited eighth installment. As of writing, the developer has yet to make official anything of the sort, though mounting evidence certainly implies that an imminent announcement is on the cards.

Assuming Resident Evil 8 truly is next in line, then, where does that leave any potential future remakes? Despite rumors suggesting as such, the Japanese studio hasn’t ruled out delivering more down the road. Indeed, we’ve heard from our own sources as recently as last week that a remake of Resident Evil 4 is on course to launch in 2021, though given what we’ve learned as of late about supposed gameplay features included in Resident Evil 7‘s successor, both unconfirmed projects could be one and the same, given their obvious similarities.

Regardless of what Capcom’s actual plans are, however, one thing’s certain – it isn’t through with offering heavy nostalgia hits just yet.

A new official survey discovered on the company’s website (H/T, Siliconera) asks fans how interested they would be in purchasing further remakes of old games, presenting those polled with multiple options to choose from. While no specific examples are given, of note is the specific mention of hardware or, more specifically, whether fans would buy a new console if it meant being able to play the latest remake.

Nowhere is the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X name-dropped, of course, though they needn’t be – the writing’s on the wall. If reimagined versions of CODE: Veronica or Resident Evil 4 ever do surface, it’ll be for next, not current-gen, devices.

Which classic would you rather see get the remake treatment first, though? Let us know in the usual place below!