Phantasy Star Nova Coming To Japanese Vitas In 2014

Phantasy Star Nova

At yesterday’s Sony precursor event to the 2013 Tokyo Games Show, SEGA revealed a new exclusive game for the PlaySation Vita. Is it Sonic? Is it Virtua Fighter? Is it Crazy Taxi (ha…)? Nope, none of the above – but it is a new Phantasy Star game entitled Phantasy Star Nova.

Before you think MMO, SEGA was quick to note that the game is actually an offline-centric experience, despite taking place in the same world as Phantasy Star Online 2, a game that never made it stateside. Despite that, PSO2 is hugely popular in Japan, so it’s no surprise that the game would get a spin-off of some kind.

Despite being “offline-centric,” the game is planned to include local multiplayer, which will presumably be co-op since the game has been pitched as having a “strong storyline.” This mode can be brought online as well, so the offline moniker really only refers to the fact that the game isn’t an MMO.

Tri-Ace is handling development of the game, and though I hadn’t heard of them initially some quick research revealed that they’ve been around since 1995, and have games spanning the SNES and original PlayStation, all the way up to PS3, 3DS, and Vita. They’re the guys behind Star Ocean and some of the Final Fantasy direct sequels, so Phantasy Star fans need not worry.

It’s not clear whether Phantasy Star Nova will come to the states, but I certainly wouldn’t mind playing it on my shiny new PS Vita TV, so here’s hoping it’ll find its way across the pond one way or another.