PlayStation 4 Firmware Update 2.0 Adds Themes, Enhanced UI And More


As we approach the console’s one-year anniversary, Sony has released details regarding PlayStation 4’s upcoming firmware update 2.0.

Codenamed Masamune, the patch is set to introduce a range of improvements for the hardware along with some long-awaited features. Chief among those features is the ability to change themes, play music via an external USB — which itself supports audio files ranging from MP3 to M4A — and an enhanced broadcasting system.

We learned back at Gamescom that firmware 2.0 would herald the release of YouTube video sharing and Share Play, an anticipated addition to PlayStation 4 that allows players to pass on control of a game remotely to a fellow PS4 owner over the Internet. It’s a feature that was originally teased during the console’s reveal event back in February of last year, and we’re happy to see that Sony is set to make it available to everyone in the coming months.

Unfortunately, the company didn’t reveal exactly when we can expect firmware 2.0 to become available for PS4 owners. It’s understood that the patch will be released in the autumn, but it’s still a sign of Sony’s somewhat sluggish release schedule for system improvements — as opposed to Microsoft’s incremental monthly updates, with October’s going live for Xbox One users earlier in the week.

Nevertheless, firmware 2.0 is set to bring some major and long-awaited improvements to PlayStation 4, after the PlayStation Vita recently received a similar update that introduces custom themes for the dedicated handheld.

Currently, it’s without a release date, but we’ll be sure to keep you right up to date as more information appears. In the meantime, you can let us know which feature you’re most looking forward to in the comments section below.