Pokemon Sun And Moon Players Can Nab Themselves A Rare Shiny Tapu Koko Starting Today


Pokemon fever is back in full swing for 2017, it seems. After having enjoyed a record 12 months of success for the franchise last year thanks to Pokemon Sun and Moon and Pokemon GO, Nintendo, Game Freak and, by extension, Niantic, don’t appear ready to put the brakes on anytime soon.

Besides the announcement of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon prior to E3, Nintendo also revealed that a brand new, fully fledged entry in the series will be coming exclusively to the Switch – a huge boon not just for the fledgling hybrid console, but for Pokemon fans the world over. Indeed, along with Niantic’s continued dedication to improving the Pokemon GO experience with events and celebrations galore, the hype train for one of gaming’s most revered franchises just keeps on steaming ahead.

Given all the recent buzz surrounding Pokemon GO, though, it’s all too easy to forget that Pokemon Sun and Moon are still on the receiving end of regular updates, not least special rare Pokemon giveaways for all Trainers still honing the perfect squad of six. From now until an unspecified end date, all Sun and Moon owners can boot their respective game up on 3DS and select the Mystery Gift option to receive a rare shiny Pocket Monster.

Tapu Koko, a one of a kind legendary and guardian of Alola’s starting island, is the ‘Mon on offer this time around, and while his standard form is already obtainable in-game, this is the only method with which to obtain the shiny iteration. For the full rundown of his moveset, level and abilities, see below.

Tapu Koko – Level 60


  • Nature’s Madness
  • Discharge
  • Electro Ball
  • Agility

In regards to future events, mythical Pokemon Marshadow has been teased several times by Nintendo, although firm details on how to get hold of the miniature beast have yet to be revealed. Unfortunately, we don’t own a crystal ball, but it could be the case that his availability will be scheduled to coincide with the release of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon on November 17. As always, we’ll keep you posted should any new details come to light.

Source: Serebii.net

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