Remedy’s Intriguing Quantum Break Teaser Highlights Xbox One Reveal



Looking back at the one hour-long Xbox One reveal that Microsoft offered us this afternoon, it’s hard to think of anything more cryptic than Remedy Entertainment’s Quantum Break reveal. If you saw it, then you surely know what I’m talking about, because the brand new IP left a lot of unanswered questions on the table following the conclusion of its teaser trailer. Surely that was the plan, however, as the talented developer behind the fantastic likes of Alan Wake, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare and Max Payne seemed to want to leave us thinking about what it was that we saw.

Presented as a mixture of live action and in-game content, the aforementioned teaser opened up with its focus on a young girl who seemingly possesses some sort of magical power. Her interaction with an unknown woman took place outside of a residential home, and was interrupted by footage of a digital ship crashing into a bridge in spectacular CG fashion. Later on, the same technique was used for a second time, as a human moment cut out in favour of a short action scene, complete with a heroic fall and slow motion effects.

At this point in time, that is all that can really be said about Quantic Break, as we simply don’t know much about the new intellectual property. The good news is that it looks very intriguing and we can’t wait to find out more, and that’s obviously a great sign. Hopefully E3 will bring us a lot more information regarding this exciting exclusive.

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