Resident Evil Outrage Will Reportedly Bring Back Several Popular Characters

Resident Evil Revelations

If you thought Capcom’s upcoming sequel single-handedly represented its celebration of the series’ 25th anniversary – think again. According to prolific industry insider AestheticGamer, another title, Resident Evil Outrage (formerly known as Revelations 3) is due for release either later this year or early 2022 as part of the festivities and, what’s more, will see the return of several popular characters that fans haven’t seen for some time.

Three of these individuals will supposedly be present in total, and while the leaker is currently unable or unwilling to reveal the identity of two, one is believed to be Rebecca Chambers. Chronologically speaking, the former S.T.A.R.S. medic last appeared in the original Resident Evil but has been referenced several times in-universe. In extended material, most notably the 2017 animated film Vendetta, Chambers is a university professor and BSAA consultant who helps Chris Redfield eradicate the surviving members of Los Illuminados.

Rebecca is still thought to be present in Outrage following its rebranding, though with no story details to speak of, discerning who the two remaining protagonists will be is tough, to say the least. If the spinoff is truly intended to be connected to this year’s Village in some way, though, it’s possible that Chris could be one, but considering his frequent appearances over the years, we’re not sure he fits the bill as a returning character.

Former US Marine Corps Lieutenant Billy Coen, however, might be a good candidate, as he too hasn’t made an appearance since the classic era and has a direct connection to Rebecca. As for the third, our money is on Barry Burton. Another former S.T.A.R.S. operative, the weapons expert last showed up in Revelations 2 and if Resident Evil Outrage truly is a spiritual successor to that, his comeback would make sense.

As usual, we’ll just have to wait and see what comes of all this, though suffice it to say, it won’t be until Village is in players’ hands come May 7th that anything official will come to light, so stay tuned.