Resident Evil Village Box Art May Reveal Story Spoilers

resident evil village

While the dust begins to settle following Resident Evil Village‘s recent showcase, fans of the beloved survival horror franchise are already beginning to piece together the in-game lore like a set of blood-drenched jigsaw pieces.

Indeed, while we’ve learnt that everyone’s favourite Merchant from RE4 will be making an appearance in Capcom’s upcoming adventure, we were also treated to a brand new PT-esque playable demo dubbed Maiden, which you can download on PS5 right now. Oh, and throw in some fresh-off-the-press gameplay footage and a potential multiplayer mode called RE:Verse for good measure, and you have all the ingredients for a memorable night, especially for devotees of Umbrella Corporation’s shuffling menace.

However, that’s not all, as the box art for Resident Evil Village has also been officially revealed and the image could possibly hint at some story spoilers for those of you out there in the know. See for yourself down below:

Yes, the box art features series veteran Chris Redfield with the right side of his face clearly resembling some kind of werewolf. It’s fair to say that this implies that Redfield may be a lycanthrope or might contract a form of lycanthropy over the course of the game. Sure, we do already know that werewolves will be a major focus, but how Redfield fits into the overarching story has remained somewhat of a mystery.

Of course, it could be as simple as Capcom thinking: “Chris Redfield is pretty cool and werewolves are pretty cool, so let’s just combine them together for some really cool box art.” But whatever the case may be, it looks likely that Redfield is going to play a very important role in the core narrative of Resident Evil Village‘s escape-the-castle story.