Capcom Reveals Scrapped Concepts For Resident Evil 2


With the hugely-anticipated Resident Evil 3 remake’s recent official announcement, along with the rumoured development of another beloved survival-horror property, Dino Crisis, it’s fair to say that Capcom’s undead momentum is beginning to fire on all cylinders.

Of course, the remake that really started the ball rolling, though, has to be 2019’s incredible Resident Evil 2, which has certainly set the bar very high for those aforementioned upcoming titles.

Interestingly, in a recent roundtable discussion, the developers behind last year’s remake discussed some of the scrapped concepts that didn’t quite make it into the final build of the game. And aside from creepy new jump-scare enemies, dubbed “the Condemned”, the team also had plans to introduce a new driving sequence, as well as a unique gameplay section involving cable cars.

But what would’ve the new cable car section looked like in-game? Well, theoretically, the proposed cable car section could’ve been similar to the cable car sequence from Resident Evil 4. As you may or may not remember, there’s a section from RE4 where enemies are shooting at you from a distance while you try and protect Ashley as you ride the cable car across a vast ravine. Potentially, the new cable car sequence in Resident Evil 2 may’ve looked similar to this, no? Unfortunately, it’s impossible to know exactly what it would’ve been like, as the concept was ultimately left on the cutting room floor, but we can always speculate.

Furthermore, the studio also considered adding a more-detailed alligator sequence, one that involved a crane, and a more elaborate G2 boss fight with pillars that collapse, as well as a way of electrocuting the mutated monstrosity, too. Obviously, these ideas were either not implemented, or just simplified.

Thankfully, though, the Resident Evil 2 remake was a phenomenal horror experience, even without these scrapped concepts. That being said, it’s always super interesting taking a peek behind the curtain and finding out about the “what ifs” that developers had to contend with while making their games.

Source: GameRant