Silent Hill PS5 Game Announcement Hinted At By Amazon Listing

Silent Hill

Amazon probably isn’t in Sony’s good books right now. While the online mega-retailer has yet to outright let slip anything officially, numerous product listings, from the PlayStation 5 itself to numerous games – many of which will presumably be unveiled later today at the company’s reveal event – have been showing up intermittently over the last 48 hours or so, usually with placeholder text, prices and release dates.

Two of these, in particular, have caught the attention of Silent Hill fans, many of which believe their existence could be further proof of the series’ rumoured return on next-gen hardware, specifically the aforementioned platform. Numerous leaks have surfaced over the last few months claiming that IP owner Konami has been shopping around for a developer to take charge of rebooting the famed survival horror franchise, with Sony said to be linked by some measure.

All pure speculation at this point in time, of course, though perhaps not for much longer.

Silent Hill

As pointed out by prolific leaker AestheticGamer over on Twitter, a dummy game listing bearing the title “Konami 1” was one of many to briefly appear on Amazon recently. While that name likely refers to publisher’s long-running Pro Evolution Soccer series, AestheticGamer believes the numeral included implies that multiple Konami-published games are currently in the works, one of which being Silent Hill.

Not quite the concrete evidence we’ve been holding out for, then, but today’s developments certainly don’t hurt Silent Hill‘s chances of making a comeback. Regardless, we’ll likely find out for sure if there’s any truth to the gossip later today when Sony’s PS5 showcase kicks off. Worst case scenario, there’s always the promising Pyramid Head DLC headed to Dead by Daylight next week that looks to soften the blow of a Silent Hill no-show. Check out the latest gameplay reveal over here.