Sony Accidentally Makes Popular PS4 Game Free To Download


There have certainly been no shortage of great sales on the PS4 over the past few months. Indeed, Sony has been doing their best to ensure that gamers are kept entertained as most of the world still remains in some form of lockdown and the coronavirus pandemic unfortunately only gets worse by the day.

But you know what’s better than getting something on sale? Getting it absolutely free of charge. And you can pick up Bloodborne on PlayStation 4 right now without having to drop a single cent.

That’s right, in what we can only presume was an accident, reports that Sony has made the game free to download for PS Plus subscribers. It’s unclear how long it’ll remain as such, but at least for now, it’s seemingly available for no cost. That being said, while many users have reported that they’ve successfully been able to grab it, a lot of people are saying they can’t add the title to their cart, or that when they do, the price updates upon checkout.


Obviously, there’s some sort of glitch going on here and there’s every chance that even if you do manage to snag Bloodborne for free, Sony will reverse the purchase once they fix this. Regardless, you’ll want to act quick if you intend on picking it up. Who knows, you might just get lucky and be able to keep it for good, free of charge.

And if you’ve never played the game, trust us when we say that it’s not one you want to miss out on – whether it’s at its usual price, or completely free. Either way, it’s a fantastic experience that will have you hooked.