Sony Santa Monica Is Developing A New God Of War Title


Another announcement that has come to us through the PlayStation Experience pertains to Sony’s Santa Monica Studios. You’ll recognize them as the folks behind the God of War license, and will be interested to note that they’re hard at work on a new game in the venerable action franchise. Of course, it’s not like that will come as a surprise given how popular the series is. It’s one of Sony’s go-to properties and proverbial cash cows, after all.

This news comes to us via Cory Barlog, a Sony Santa Monica employee who confirmed the project’s existence at the end of the event’s God of War Retrospective panel. It was then talked about on Twitter, where the developer’s official account provided further confirmation after joking about it at first. That very same Twitter account teased a potential sequel just prior to last summer’s E3.

Although we don’t have anything concrete to go on, it’s very likely that the game in question will mark Kratos’ first canon appearance on the PlayStation 4. We’ve yet to receive a God of War game for Sony’s next-gen console, and with its lack of exclusive games having been noted by many, this is as good a time as any to announce one. That said, Sony needs to make sure that its next series effort is up to par and a proverbial home run, because it feels as if God of War fatigue may be slowly setting in. Ascension — which marked the last new entry in the franchise — was a good game, but failed to provide us with anything spectacular.

Stay tuned for more information on this brand new God of War game as it develops, and let us know what you hope to see from the newest instalment in the series.